Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

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1.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

January 28th is Data Privacy Day – a day for us to review and protect our personal data. We’re not going to lie, keeping your digital privacy secure is a task that requires some ongoing maintenance. This year, we are encouraging everyone to “Own Your Privacy,” by providing the resources linked below.

2.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

MediaPRO is proud to be a DPD Champion and encourages other organizations to take advantage of the data privacy training and awareness opportunities the day brings. MediaPRO recognizes and supports the principle that all organizations share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information.

3.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is an international annual effort held on January 28 to create awareness about respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.

4.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is a great time to check in on your privacy and security settings. Take a Privacy Checkup and we’ll walk you through key privacy settings step-by-step. You can do things like choose what data—such as your location and search history—gets saved to your Google Account or control what ads you see.

5.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

We’ve made it easier for you to make decisions about your data directly within the Google services you use every day. For example, without ever leaving Search, you can review and delete your recent Search activity, get quick access to relevant privacy controls from your Google Account, and learn more about how Search works with your data.

6.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

So when it comes to recognizing the importance of data privacy, many experts agree a single day is not enough. That’s why leaders at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and others have started the drumbeat for a full week dedicated to data privacy in 2021.

7.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

Europe Data Protection Congress Online 2020. Create your own customised programme of European data protection presentations from the rich menu of online content.

8.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

When online, safeguard your information to help avoid scams, fraud, and identity theft. Data Privacy Day is January 28 and is an ideal time to review who has your information. The Better Business…

9.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

The new year has brought even more threats to privacy and personal data. Rather than allowing these huge companies to collect your data and profit from you (or worst-case scenario, hand your data over to the government), take a couple of minutes to ensure your data privacy for 2018.

10.Take a quick Checkup for Data Privacy Day

Check your privacy settings Take a quick look at the privacy settings around your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Venmo. Basically, any application that involves creating a profile. Most of the time, your settings allow for organizations to do as they wish with your data.

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1.With ‘Data Privacy Day’ upcoming, it’s never too early to check privacy settings

We all have a plethora of apps on our smartphones, with most of them having access to our information. “Data Privacy Day” is on Thursday so this week may be a good time to check the privacy settings on those apps.

Published Date: 2021-01-26T21:25:00.0000000Z

2.National Cyber Security Alliance Kicks off Data Privacy Day This Week to Raise Awareness for Responsible Data Privacy Practices

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) kicks off its annual Data Privacy Day event on January 28, 2021. This year’s initiative will highlight the

Published Date: 2021-01-26T01:40:00.0000000Z

1  Quick Tip: International Data Privacy Day
Monday is International Data Privacy Day and a good opportunity to think about protecting yourself. ABC7’s Jason Knowles has some QUICK TIPS for you:
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