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1.The masked dancer tulip

Tulip flaunts a pink skirt made up of fabric petals. In one promo for the show, Tulip is seen doing the “floss” dance. A teaser for The Masked Dancer shows Tulip doing a lift with a backup dancer…

2.The masked dancer tulip

The tulip on The Masked Dancer is Mackenzie Ziegler. She is a tapper, her style in dance was acro, she’s on tiktok, the plane ticket in the clue package said AL-DC aka ALDC aka Abby Lee Dance…

3.The masked dancer tulip

A new year is the perfect chance to develop new hobbies, and we’ve found one for 2021: investigating every little detail of The Masked Dancer’s clue packages until we correctly guess who’s under …

4.The masked dancer tulip

Fans, however, think the ‘Masked Dancer’ Tulip is Maddie or Mackenzie Ziegler. Online, many fans are positing that the Tulip is actually Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler. “If you see on her ticket, it [says] ‘AL DC,’ which is Abby Lee Dance Company,” one Twitter user pointed out.

5.The masked dancer tulip

The Masked Dancer Clues and Guesses Launch Gallery Fox’s equally absurd spinoff to The Masked Singer debuted on Dec. 27 and will jeté into its regular time slot beginning Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 8/7c.

6.The masked dancer tulip

Guesses about the Tulip on ‘The Masked Dancer’ include a TikTok star. So far, the most common guess about Tulip is Maddie Ziegler, or her sister, Kenzie. While Maddie is more well-known and has those big blue eyes, Kenzie is also a dancer and has allegedly made a comment about how she wished she had Maddie’s blue eyes.

7.The masked dancer tulip

We’ve been doing some digging and have all of your “The Masked Dancer” spoilers, including the identity of the best dancer of the bunch, Tulip. On episode 1, she dazzled with her routine set to…

8.The masked dancer tulip

Tulip on ‘The Masked Dancer’ (FOX) With an intention to leave the panelists and audiences guessing, the masked celebrity who came dressed as a Tulip, introduced herself someone who got bullied in the school but was very active in acrobatics.

9.The masked dancer tulip

The Masked Dancer premiered on FOX on Sunday, December 27, and the Tulip was one of the Group A contestants who gave their debut performance during episode 1. Here’s what we know about the Tulip so…

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1.Who Is Tulip on ‘The Masked Dancer’? Fans Swear They’ve Figured It Out

Now, viewers only have dance moves to go off of instead of vocal performances. Needless to say, correctly guessing all 10 masked dancers will be pretty difficult. But in the spirit of trying, we’re going to start with rounding up all of the best predictions for Tulip and go from there.

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2.The Masked Dancer: The First Clues for Tulip, Cricket, Hammerhead and More

A new year is the perfect chance to develop new hobbies, and we’ve found one for 2021: investigating every little detail of The Masked Dancer‘s clue packages until we correctly guess who’s under all that breathable fabric.

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1  The Masked Dancer TULIP: Audition, Clues and Judges Guesses!
The Masked Dancer | Season 1 Episode 1 | Auditions A more in-depth look at ALL The Masked Dancer characters here: OTHER ‘MASKED SINGER’ PREDICTIONS and SPOILERS SEASON 4 – Sun: Popcorn: Snow Owls …
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