This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?

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1This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
This famous freedom fighter was the first man to hold which post in India? Answer- Deputy Prime Minister. Q.This is a monument dedicated to a horrific incident, which freedom fighter returned his Kaiser-i-Hind award in protest of the incident? Answer- Mahatma Gandhi. Q.This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?

2This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak was one of the most prominent freedom fighters in the Indian movement of Independence. Tilak, unlike many other political leaders, was against the moderate views on independence. He was one of the first leaders to oppose the Age of Consent Bill (1891), despite being in favor of the ruling.

3This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
Among his 120 statues world over are also sculptures of Swami Vivekananda, Kasturba Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore, among others. Several of his works are also in the Indian Parliament, including a statue of freedom fighter Shaheed Durga Malla, a sitting statue of Rabindranath Tagore reading a book and of Mahatma Gandhi.

4Kittur Chennamma

The first female president of India unveiled the statue of the brave queen Kittur Rani Chennamma who paved way for other Indian women to fight for their freedom at par with men, at the Parliamentary Building premises at New Delhi on 11 th September 2007. It is a tribute that is much deserving to the queen who was brave to fight against the Britsh and make them fear her.

5Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity, a 182-meters tall tribute to Indian freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, will be inaugurated on October 31 and is slated to be the world’s tallest statue.

6This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
Are all people who oppose the removal of Confederate statues racist? … Statues: Tribute to anti-invasion freedom fighters? By Ron Papcun August 12, 2020 10:28 AM , …

7This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
Considered as one of the Most famous Freedom Fighters of India, Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary. He was born in a Sikh family of Sardar Kishan Singh and Vidyavati on September 27, 1907 in Khatkar Kalan Village, Punjab. Both his father and his uncle were freedom fighters of India, which imbibed in him feelings of patriotism.

8This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
Ben Carson: What are the people toppling statues of abolitionists and freedom fighters thinking? Throughout our history, Independence Day has been an important occasion of remembrance for Americans.


Top 30 Famous Freedom Fighters of India (Name With Photos) History By Santosh October 2, 2018. India had a rich history and there was a time it was known as the Golden Bird. The riches and glory of the country enticed invaders from all over the world throughout the history of the country, with the British ruling the country for a long, long time.

10This is a statue of which famous freedom fighter?
Kanaklata Barua- Famous Female Freedom Fighters of India. She was a freedom fighter from Assam, who was shot dead when she was just 17 years old. During the Quit India movement in 1942, she was leading a procession of unarmed villagers, to the local police station, where she planned to hoist the national flag.

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1Independence Day 2020: 5 most famous and inspiring slogan by our freedom fighters
Observed as a national holiday across the country, Independence Day honours the sacrifices and dedication of the Brave hearts who aimed for one goal – to simply be free from the slavery of the colonisers.
Published Date: 2020-08-14T10:33:00.0000000Z

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1  Freedom Fighters
This is a movie about the four famous freedom fighters: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King jr, Steven Beko and Rosa Parks. With a lame song.
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1Replicas of the Statue of Liberty
crafted a smaller version of his Liberty Enlightening the World, which he subsequently gave to the Musée du Luxembourg. In 1905, the statue was placed… of the Statue of Liberty

2Vidyasagar College
freedom fighter, politician Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, religious leader, philosopher and founder of Ananda marga spiritual organization also founder of PROUT… College

3Netaji Nagar, Kolkata
It is named after the famous freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and a statue of Bose is placed on the road which is connected to Netaji Subhash… Nagar, Kolkata