Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

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1.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

CHICAGO (WLS) — People who have been using TikTok since before September could be entitled to money from a class action lawsuit against the company. TikTok has disclosed a $92 million settlement …

2.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

A $92 million settlement was reached in TikTok’s class action lawsuit – and you might be eligible for a share of the money. A lawsuit was filed in February against TikTok, Inc. alleging that …

3.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

The $1.1 million TikTok class action settlement was submitted by the plaintiffs to the court and received preliminary approval in December 2019. The defendants in the TikTok class action lawsuit have denied and do not admit to any wrongdoing by settling the claims against them.

4.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

TikTok users are receiving notifications within the app itself, advising them that they may be eligible for a share of a recent class action lawsuit settlement. On November 15, the video-sharing …

5.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

If you or your minor children have used the TikTok or apps, you could be entitled to money from a class-action lawsuit settlement. TikTok denies the allegations, according to documents and the settlement with Chinese parent company ByteDance was reached back in late February. But on …

6.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

What is TikTok’s class action settlement? On Monday, November 15, 2021, many TikTok users opened their app to a notification stating they may be eligible for a payment from a recent class action lawsuit. Not much detail is given, except for a link that directs certain users to a website where they are able to file their individual claims.

7.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

TikTok on Wednesday agreed to pay $92 million to settle claims stemming from a class-action lawsuit alleging the app illegally tracked and shared the personal data of users without their consent.

8.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

TikTok class-action lawsuit settlement: What users need to know. TikTok is offering $92 million to settle a battle over personal data — but you probably shouldn’t get too excited about your …

9.Tiktok class action lawsuit settlement

A federal court authorized the Notice.You are not being sued. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer. Plaintiffs filed a class action complaint alleging that Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd.,, Inc., the Cayman Islands Corporation, and TikTok Inc., (collectively, the “Defendants”), violated federal and state laws by tracking, collecting, and disclosing the personally …

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1.TikTok class action settlement: How to file a claim

Users of the popular app could see money ahead as claimants can now file for a portion of the $92 million settlement, and one state is singled out for getting more.

Published Date: 2021-11-16T23:18:00.0000000Z

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A settlement was reached for a class-action lawsuit that could mean a payout for some of the platform’s users SUBSCRIBE and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any videos: Connecting Atlanta and Getting Results – one story at a time! Check out FOLLOW US for more! Like CBS46 News …
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TikTok agreed to pay $92 million to settle the class action lawsuit. In May 2021, Canadian voice actor Bev Standing filed a lawsuit against TikTok overuse…

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