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1trump dragging leg
President Donald Trump’s mental and physical fitness is once again a topic of conversation on the president’s … Speculation over Trump’s health after ‘dragging’ right leg video: …

2trump dragging leg
Rawstory notes how his walk is odd, with Trump dragging his right leg and then having to swing his right foot to walk. But when I watched it, the leg was the not the only problem.

3trump dragging leg
As Trump was arriving in Wisconsin on Thursday, cameras recorded him walking down the ramp from Air Force One and walking into a waiting car. … His left leg is dragging. If we can keep pissing him off…. — Raine-🚫MAGA🌊You’re only human if you’re Humane🌊 (@wndrling) June 25, 2020.

4trump dragging leg
O ver at the world’s Biggest Lie Factory, CNN “political analyst”, Fatso Joe Lockhart just gave President Donald Trump a “dragging right leg” supposedly left over from a 5-month-ago …

5trump dragging leg
Trump whines about Matt Drudge after ‘dragging right leg’ video surfaces Trump is ‘ideologically aligned’ with some of the biggest threats to America: former DHS official

6trump dragging leg
President Trump appears off-balance and drags his leg twice as he descends the stairs and heads for his limo. In this video, you can see President Donald Trump having trouble walking down the stairs of an airplane. He appears to be tentative and holding on to the guard rails in order to find his way down.

7trump dragging leg
The clip shows Trump dragging his right foot leading with the toe. This could be a condition called foot drop or drop foot . (If someone has that video, please post it—thanks.)

8trump dragging leg
MELANIA TRUMP has been savagely mocked as social media users branded her US President Trump’s “5’11” cane” as he appears to drag his leg while walking into UN building in New York.

9trump dragging leg
I drag my right leg. I have MS and all I can say is he has SOME TYPE OF NEUROLOGICAL condition,” @GottaBeZen wrote . Several agreed that Trump was dragging his leg and it was obvious.

10trump dragging leg
In this clip, President Donald Trump appears to be dragging his feet as he walks towards a vehicle waiting for him. The Cleveland Clinic says ‘foot drop’ is an underlying condition of the following disorders: multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

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1Trump whines about Matt Drudge after ‘dragging right leg’ video surfaces
President Donald Trump on Tuesday continued to complain about speculation that mental and physical ailments could be explained by him having a stroke or series of mini-strokes. As the hashtag #TrumpStroke trended on Twitter,
Published Date: 2020-09-01T22:06:00.0000000Z

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1  Donald Trump’s Health Comes Under Scrutiny After Appearing To Drag His Right Leg
Donald Trump’s Health Comes Under Scrutiny After Appearing To Drag His Right Leg
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