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1  Trump: This is Not America
This is “Trump: This is Not America” by Nik Horne on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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1Trump Is Not America
Trump Is an Authoritarian. So Are Millions of Americans It’s not how we think of our fellow-citizens, but no matter who wins in November, the impulse will be very much alive in the country.

2Trump Is Not America
Whose America is it, explained. President Donald Trump at a photo op after protests near the White House with (from left) Attorney General Bill Barr, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien …

3Trump Is Not America
He must strategically reopen America. I do not pretend to understand Trump’s strategy in joining the chorus of those who scolded Georgia governor Brian Kemp for reopening his state.

4Trump Is Not America
If Trump has learned anything from getting Covid-19, he’s not showing it Trump’s drive-by motorcade photo-op is out of the same coronavirus playbook that got America into this mess.

5Trump Is Not America
Speaking to reporters at the White House Wednesday evening, President Trump reassured Americans he has no plans for new lockdowns as cases of Wuhan coronavirus surge in Europe. “In the past four …

6Trump Is Not America
It’s a “public health train wreck in slow motion,” in the words of one health expert, and the best President Donald Trump cares to offer the thousands more Americans projected to shortly die of …

7Trump Is Not America
Famously, Trump does not enjoy physical movement, and the official told me that “active” in this case means he has been talking to members of his staff and members of Congress by phone. “His …

8Trump Is Not America
A warning to America’s enemies? Two ‘Doomsday’ aircraft are seen flying over DC and Oregon as Trump announces he has COVID-19 with plane spotters suggesting it is ‘a show of strength to not mess …

9Trump Is Not America
Trump named North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan among many others with governors under siege. “You gotta open these states up. It’s not fair. It’s almost like being in prison,” Trump described the state-level economic shutdowns amid the coronavirus pandemic, noting the upward tick in divorces and alcohol consumption.

10Trump Is Not America
CANDACE Owens praised Donald Trump and said America should “unmask” after Joe Biden ripped the president for not wearing a face covering. On Tuesday, Owens took to Twitter to issue her support for …

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1Trump to America: Screw Your Jobs and Families. I Want My Supreme Court Justice
The president tweeted that Republican lawmakers should abandon Covid-19 relief negotiations and “focus full time” on confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Published Date: 2020-10-06T20:36:00.0000000Z

2Trump to America: Screw Your Jobs and Families. I Want My Supreme Court Justice Now
The president tweeted that Republican lawmakers should abandon Covid-19 relief negotiations and “focus full time” on confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Published Date: 2020-10-06T20:36:00.0000000Z

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