tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

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1.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Cost factors to consider will be surgeon fee, implant cost, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. Since this deformity is more complex than a standard augmentation mastopexy, expect a higher cost – $8-12k would be reasonable.Consult with a plastic surgeon well-versed in breast surgery and discuss your goals and expectations.

2.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Dear amyatkinson98: Based on your photo, it appears you have a tuberous breast with an asymmetry. I perform tuberous breast corrective procedures on a regular basis. Although a formal physical exam is needed to give you any meaningful advice, I would likely recommend a breast augmentation with a periareolar mastopexy to reposition your nipples and improve your overall breast shape.

3.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Cost of Tuberous Breast Surgery in NYC. Although tuberous breast deformity is considered a congenital deformity, it is rarely covered by insurance plans. Please call our NYC office at 212-452-1230 and we will be happy to provide information about the general cost of tuberous breast surgery.

4.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Does insurance cover the cost of surgery? At present, there is some contention regarding the lack of insurance coverage for the correction of tuberous breasts. In general, tubular breast deformity is regarded as a cosmetic issue rather than a medical necessity or health hazard.

5.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

In almost all cases, breast augmentation surgery is elective, meaning that it is performed strictly for aesthetic reasons, rather than out of medical necessity. Nevertheless, there are some instances in which the procedure may be deemed medically necessary, particularly in order to correct for a deformity to the shape or size of the breasts. In such cases, health insurance may cover the cost …

6.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

These fees include the cost of: The Plastic Surgeon; The Anaesthetist; The Hospital and Nursing Fees; The Implant; Post-Operative Care; These prices may vary with patients that require specialist procedures, like in the case of noticeable asymmetry or if breasts are constricted or of an unusual shape, e.g. tuberous breast deformity.

7.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Surgery for tuberous breast can range from repositioning the tissue beneath the areola, to repositioning tissue between the nipple and the breast crease, to repositioning the entire breast glandular tissue, and may include but does not necessarily include an implant in many cases.

8.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Although you have, with the asymmetry, more than a simple tuberous breast deformity, it is highly unlikely that any insurance company will pay for correction. The only deformity any company I know of will pay for correcting is Poland’s syndrome (a severe underdevelopment of one breast) and many will not pay for correcting even this.

9.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

Tuberous breast deformity is a congenital condition that can lead to significant embarrassment and low self-esteem for many women. These deformities affect approximately five percent of the female population, usually manifesting in puberty when breast development primarily occurs.

10.tuberous breast deformity surgery cost

And since there are different degrees of severity of this deformity, sometimes elements of a breast lift or reduction are involved” and “sometimes it takes two surgeries, not one.” She understood that surgery would cost her an excess of $20,000, but the price was worth never having to call in sick due to her depression.

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