‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

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1.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

The International Air Transport Association is in the final stages of developing a digital COVID-19 vaccine passport for travelers. Most airlines have yet to announce if they’ll require passengers…

2.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

But health passports, or a COVID-19 vaccine requirement, could go a long way toward giving travelers more peace of mind when heading abroad. Several globetrotters who spoke to TPG said they’d opt for destinations that required “health passports” over countries with lax entry requirements.

3.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

International air travel could come booming back next year but with a new rule: Travelers to certain countries must be vaccinated against the coronavirus before they can fly. Encouraging news about…

4.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

Many are starting to speculate that once vaccines are widely available to the flying public, airlines will require them. Australia’s Qantas Airways and South Korea’s Korean Air have both spoken recently about requiring proof of vaccination for international flights.

5.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

In addition to holding a passenger’s testing, vaccine and health-waiver documentation, the IATA app will provide travelers with a registry of health requirements and testing/vaccination centers.

6.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

As for whether airlines should require passengers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to fly, that’s even more complicated, says Jeffrey Kahn, director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of…

7.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

Not only would passengers need to provide proof of vaccination, but they’d be expected to download and use a mobile ‘health passport’ app. Indeed, the group is already hard at work on a ‘Travel Pass’ that will allow passengers to flash both their vaccination status and Covid-19 test results at the airport – privacy be damned.

8.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

Two out of three Americans (66%) say that, once vaccinations are rolled out, airline passengers should be required to show proof of vaccination in order to fly, according to the latest Harris Poll…

9.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

“An immunity passport is a presentable proof of immunity to Covid-19,” said Husayn Kassai, co-founder and CEO of Onfido, a London-based technology company specialising in facial biometric…

10.‘Vaccine passport’ needed to fly?

The future of flying during the coronavirus means carrying a passport to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

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1.Will you need an immunity passport to fly? How the COVID-19 vaccine will restart travel

Some readers in the TPG Facebook group expressed concerns about the way immunity passports and vaccine requirements could affect their future trips. Philadelphia-based Alan Stachura told TPG if a destination made a vaccination mandatory, he would likely …

Published Date: 2020-12-27T15:00:00.0000000Z

2.Harrop: Could vaccine ‘passports’ allow return to normal?

Showing proof of vaccination could allow people to fly or gather in groups again, but there are hitches. What a relief that at least a few of us are getting the coronavirus vaccine. I would have liked my arm to have been among the select few.

Published Date: 2020-12-19T09:30:00.0000000Z

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1  What Is A Vaccine Passport Podcast Episode
If you are planning on vacationing in 2021, then you need to know about “Vaccine Passports” and what may be required of you and your loved ones. To fly on a commercial aircraft, to gain entry into a specific country, take a cruise or perhaps even stay in certain hotels, you may need to prove your immunity. SUBSCRIBE …
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1.Vaccination requirements for international travel

Times. Retrieved 28 November 2020. "Danish health ministry to develop Covid-19 ‘vaccine passport‘". The Local DK. 26 November 2020. Retrieved 28 November…

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