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1.Voyage air guitar net worth

Voyage-Air Guitar. Jeff Cohen appeared on the first season of “Shark Tank,” asking for $500,000 for 5% of Voyage-Air Guitars, which makes guitars that fold in half for easier transportation. The sharks offered $500,000 for a 51% stake in the company, which Cohen declined.

2.Voyage air guitar net worth

A Voyage Air Guitar costs as little as $459 Voyage Air Guitar is definitely unique. The neck of the guitar folds in half, making the instrument less cumbersome when traveling. The company and…

3.Voyage air guitar net worth

Bradley Cooper’s Net Worth Wealth Soars, $100 Million Plus ; … Jeff Cohen turned down a $1 million offer from Kevin O’Leary for his foldable guitar company Voyage Air Guitar. When Cohen said …

4.Voyage air guitar net worth

Voyage Air Guitars Now in 2018 – Update & News Once the episode of Shark Tank had been aired, the Voyage Air Guitar company received quite a lot of recognition that followed afterward.

5.Voyage air guitar net worth

Voyage-Air Guitar Jeff Cohen first appeared on the first season of “Shark Tank,” trying to convince the investors to give him $500,000 for 5 percent of Voyage-Air Guitars, which makes guitars that fold in half for easier transportation.

6.Voyage air guitar net worth

Voyage Air Guitar had truly arrived and the Shark Tank producers were proud to showcase us. Season 3: I have made many friends at Shark Tank, and have kept in touch with them over the past 3 years. The producers thought it would be kind of fun to see what would happen if I returned to the Tank for Season 3. They knew how excited Kevin O’Leary …

7.Voyage air guitar net worth

You’re here because you want a real guitar that travels how, and where you do! Voyage Air is the only full-size travel guitar that folds in half – PLUS – it fits in the INCLUDED backpack-style case! The no-compromise folding guitar, as seen on Shark Tank, is road-tested, and the choice for traveling guitarists around the globe!

8.Voyage air guitar net worth

From the Desk of President and CEO…Thank you for all the congratulatory texts, emails and posts! It’s a real treat when a young company is invited to show …

9.Voyage air guitar net worth

Eight weeks later, the website that began with no sales and in debt skyrocketed to about $500,000 worth of sales, he said. … Voyage-Air Guitar, Season 1 text:Entrepreneur: Jeff Cohen.

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Acoustic Guitar senior editor Teja Gerken demonstrates the Voyage-Air VAD-04SN guitar. For the full review, please check out the March 2013 issue of Acoustic Guitar or
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