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1.We’re enjoying a visit from a green sea turtle for

A green turtle is always on the move. It starts life as an egg on a beach, then travels the open ocean as a hatchling. Around age 5, a juvenile green turtle heads to shallow nearshore waters to forage for sea grasses, macroalgae, jellies and other invertebrates.

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About. I’m unique among my fellow sea turtle species—I’m one of the largest species of turtle and am the only turtle that is strictly herbivorous as an adult. I eat sea grasses and algae (although juvenile green sea turtles will also eat crabs, sponges and jellyfish), which might be the reason I have the green-colored fat and cartilage that give me my name.

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Swim with Sea Turtles! The Best Snorkeling in Australia, Cancun beach holidays & other getaways in Mexico. Alternatively, support the destinations that Sea Turtles naturally hatch by paying a visit whilst enjoying the best snorkeling vacations on the coast!There’s plenty of options available to swim with Sea Turtles around the globe that are less rare than the aforementioned sites for …

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Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Nesting is often the only time female sea turtles touch land. It’s a time of peril: both females and baby hatchlings are vulnerable to poachers and predators. On St. Croix, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, green and hawksbill sea turtles dramatically increased nesting activity in recent years, the …

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Coral Gardens. Turtle Town is an ideal snorkel location along Maui’s Southern coast. It is commonly considered the premier snorkeling spot for encountering Hawaiian green sea turtles in all their magnificence and splendor. Green sea turtles are the largest hard-shell turtles in the world.

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Sea Turtles. The Florida coast is the second most popular nesting area in the world for Loggerhead Turtles. Nesting season in Broward County and on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches begins in early March with Leatherbacks, followed by Loggerheads in April, and Greens in May and June. Females come up from the water to make their nests and deposit over …

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Speed through the water from Maui to the Molokini Crater for a small-group snorkeling adventure where the underwater visibility often exceeds 180 feet (55 meters)! Spend your morning snorkeling on the wildlife-rich reef off the crater, where fish, rays and other wildlife call home. Next, venture to ‘Turtle Town’ to swim with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle! In addition to snorkeling, your five …

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Green sea turtles can grow up to 1.5 m (5 ft) in length and can weigh over 300 kg (700 lb). Sadly, their conservation status remains endangered and our island teams continue to do whatever they can to help the species escape extinction. Our &Beyond Mnemba and Vamizi turtle monitors have been meticulously recording turtle data for more than 20 …

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Photo by Elisabeth Keating. By Elisabeth Keating, Washington State Chapter communications chair After I witnessed a Galapagos green turtle hatchling finding the ocean (see Sharing “Hatch Day” with a Galapagos Sea Turtle), I set out to learn everything I could about the dangers that my turtle will face throughout his 60-year lifespan. I turned to sea turtle expert Dr. Bryan Wallace, chief …

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A sixth-grade teacher herself, Keuper-Bennett has had an educational plan for Turtle Trax from the beginning. “Our primary goal is to tell the story of this group of sea turtles. We call them the Honokowai honu. [ Honu is the Hawaiian term for “sea turtle.”] Honokowai is a small town on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

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