What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?

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1What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?
As a script doctor, Carrie Fisher put the final polish on movie scripts and scenes. She also conjured up moving moments from her own creativity. She has worked on include: Sister Act , The Wedding Singer , Hook , and more.

2Script doctor

A script doctor is a writer or playwright hired by a film, television, or theatre production to rewrite an existing script or polish specific aspects of it, including structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, themes, and other elements.. Script doctors generally do their work uncredited for a variety of commercial and artistic reasons. [examples needed] They are usually brought in for …

3Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid

The Wedding Singer (1998) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

4What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?
How about a little Carrie Fisher, script doctor for hire. Carrie Fisher: Script Doctor. Carrie Fisher was famous for her script doctor work on movies like Lethal Weapon 3, Hook, Outbreak, Made In America, and The Wedding Singer.

5What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?
Fisher worked on other writers’ screenplays as a script doctor, including tightening the scripts for Hook (1991), Sister Act (1992), The Wedding Singer (1998), and many of the films from the Star Wars franchise, among others. In later years, she earned praise for speaking publicly about her experiences with bipolar disorder and drug addiction.

6Carrie Fisher

Notable script doctors include William Goldman, Quentin Tarantino, Aaron Sorkin, David Mamet, Akiva Goldsman, and Frank Darabont. Joss Whedon was a script doctor on many films including Waterworld …

7What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?
TIL Carrie Fisher was a script doctor (uncredited writer brought in to fix a movie) on Hook, Sister Act, Lethal Weapon 3, The Wedding Singer, and all 3 of the Star Wars prequels. Close. 3.7k. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived.

8What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?
The Art of Script Doctoring. Fisher quickly became known as a script doctor who could flesh out female characters and add some sharp humor to dull dialogue exchanges.WebMD

9What actor was a script doctor on “Sister Act” and “The Wedding Singer”?
Show doctors have become fixtures this season on Broadway, with musicals like “Sister Act,” “Catch Me if You Can,” “Wonderland” and “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” all making use …

10Carrie Fisher

1992 – Sister Act (script doctor) 1992 – Lethal Weapon 3 (script doctor) 1993 – Last Action Hero (script doctor) 1995 – Outbreak (script doctor) 1998 – The Wedding Singer (script doctor) 2000 …

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1  Carrie Fisher: Movie Star & Uncredited Script Doctor | Biography
Carrie Fisher was most known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in “Star Wars,” but when she wasn’t acting on camera, she was a writer. Carrie helped write some of the most memorable scripts in Hollywood history, including “Sister Act,” and “The Wedding Singer.” #Biography Subscribe for more Biography ᐳᐳ po.st/SubscribeBiography Dive …
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