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1Alfred Nobel

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (/ n oʊ ˈ b ɛ l / noh-BEL, Swedish: [ˈǎlfrɛd nʊˈbɛlː] (); 21 October 1833 – 10 December 1896) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, inventor, businessman, and philanthropist.He held 355 different patents, dynamite being the most famous. The synthetic element nobelium was named after him. He owned Bofors, which he redirected from its previous role as primarily an …

2what did alfred nobel, the namesake of the nobel prize, invent?
The Nobel prizes were established by none other than inventor Alfred Nobel (1833–1896). But besides being the namesake behind one of the most prestigious awards given annually for academic, cultural and scientific achievements, Nobel is also well-known for making it possible for people to blow things up.

3what did alfred nobel, the namesake of the nobel prize, invent?
Alfred Nobel’s will. When he died in 1896, Nobel left a fund in his will for the creation of the eponymous prizes, first awarded in 1901. It included a grant for the person who accomplished …

4what did alfred nobel, the namesake of the nobel prize, invent?
The passing on of Alfred Nobel in 1895 marked the beginning to one of the world’s most prestigious prizes. In his last will, Nobel stated that he wanted his wealth, valued at 31, 5 million Swedish crowns, to be invested in safe securities towards a fund – the Nobel Prize.

5The Prize

Alfred Nobel was an inventor, entrepreneur, scientist and businessman who also wrote poetry and drama. His varied interests are reflected in the prize he established and which he lay the foundation for in 1895 when he wrote his last will, leaving much of his wealth to the establishment of the prize.

6what did alfred nobel, the namesake of the nobel prize, invent?
Alfred Nobel’s will about creating Nobel Prize Alfred Nobel invented the dyanmite on 1866 when he was interested on experimenting with the newly developed substance called ‘nitroglycerine’. He added a type of earth called sillica to make the explosive safer to detonate.

7what did alfred nobel, the namesake of the nobel prize, invent?
The Nobel Prize was established on 27 November 1895 on the basis of the will of Dr. Alfred Nobel, a renowned Swedish scientist, and inventor of dynamite. What things Nobel Prize Winner gets? Everyone who receives the award gets an amount of about Rs. 4.5 crore.

8Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish scientist who invented dynamite and willed his wealth to establish the prestigious Nobel Prize. He was born on October 21, 1833 to Immanuel and Karolina Andriette Nobel, the fourth of eight children. Only Alfred and three of his brothers survived childhood.

9what did alfred nobel, the namesake of the nobel prize, invent?
Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite, was born in Stockholm on October 21, 1833. His father built bridges and buildings for a living, so Alfred Nobel was really familiar with different techniques for blasting rocks. He was fluent in several languages, and he was talented at writing poetry and drama.

10Alfred Nobel

Alfred did not attend school but received private tutoring from good teachers. He was quick to master four foreign languages, and showed great ability in the natural sciences, especially chemistry. The end of the Crimean War in 1856 had unfortunate results for Immanuel Nobel and his family: the factory went bankrupt.

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“The Peace Prize is for peace, not for being a nice guy. Netanyahu brought peace,” says one of the Israeli prime minister’s supporters. Others—including the Palestinians—don’t see it that way.
Published Date: 2020-09-18T09:00:01.0000000Z

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1  Alfred Nobel Biography In Hindi | History Of Nobel Prize | Dynamite Inventor
This video is about alfred nobel biography in hindi and history of nobel prize. Alfred Nobel, in full Alfred Bernhard Nobel (born October 21, 1833, Stockholm, Sweden – died December 10, 1896, San Remo, Italy), Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist, who invented dynamite and other, more powerful explosives and who also founded the Nobel …
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