What Do Adult Wild Rabbits Eat?

What Do Adult Wild Rabbits Eat?

Many people having a backyard in their house are having a great attraction for the wild rabbits. Seeing wild rabbits in the backyard is not only looks alluring but is a great satisfaction for animal lovers as well. 

So to attract wild rabbits in the backyard, many people keep eatables and other kinds of stuff for the rabbits in order to attract them to see their backyards. Also, in wild conditions during the time of scarcity in the forest, it often becomes difficult for the wild bunny to get food. Feeding them in our backyard will help them survive the scarcity of time and it will keep attracting the bunnies and they will keep visiting your backyard more often in the greed of food.

But before anything for eating to the wild rabbits, the person should be aware of the things that adult wild rabbit eats in their natural habitat. Here in this guide, we are discussing what do rabbits eat in their natural condition?

What Do Adult Wild Rabbit Eats?

In general, in the wild condition, the rabbits eat fresh grasses, clover, weeds, wild vegetables, crops from fields, fruits, and flowers in the warmer season. But in the harsh cold season, there is a scarcity of all the above mentioned stuff, in that case, they generally feed on twigs, branches, buds, and leftover green in nature.

The iconic picture of the rabbits with a carrot is not absolutely true. Though they can eat carrots but requires grasses as the major part of their diet. 

The warmer season is the season where the wild nature is full of grasses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, greenery, and many more and thus provides plenty of options for the wild bunny to feed on. 

But in the harsh winter condition, there is no such greenery. In that case, the wild bunny often needs to feed on branches, twigs, buds, etc which are of low nutritional value and may unable to meet the nutritional demand of the bunny. This makes the bunny visit the houses near their natural habitat and feed on the kinds of stuff available in the people’s residential area. 

In search of food, the bunny might visit the backyard of the nearby people’s house. So it is a good idea to feed them and thus invite them to visit the backyard on daily basis for food. When any person offers the bunny food, then in greed of food, comes visiting their house daily. 

In the winter condition, it is common to see rabbits in the yards, lawns, and even in the gardens. And, in the case, if the garden is having vegetables, they will visit the garden more often. 

So in the winter season, when any rabbit visits your backyard in the search of food, help this poor bunny and offer them fresh grasses, clovers, hays, leaves, fruits, and vegetables, etc. If you are having any dog in your house, you can offer the soaked dog food in small quantities to the bunny as well. Or if you are having a pet rabbit, then you can easily offer the food of your pet rabbit to the wild as well. The bunny in wild condition can also easily digest the pet bunny’s food. 

What to Feed to the Wild Bunny?

Whenever any wild bunny visits your backyard, you can offer them with any of them or all of the following eating stuff:

  • The best eating stuff you can offer to the wild bunny is hay. They love eating hay and it is part of their natural diet as well thus easy to digest. 
  • There are several varieties of hays available for the bunnies and the best ones are timothy hay, orchard grass, alfalfa hay, or oat grasses. 
  • They can feed on grains, cereals, vegetables, and fruits as well. But before offering them grains, be careful for the surroundings as it might attract the rats as well.  
  • In the snow season, they often face the struggle for water also. So, offering them a bowl of freshwater is also a great thing for these poor bunnies and they will appreciate your help by regularly visiting your backyard.

Note: Prefer feeding the wild bunnies with hays, grasses, and vegetables. Yes, you can provide them with grains and fruits as well but it should be in little quantity in beginning and then increase it gradually. The reason is that in the wild condition, fruits and grains are not easily available to these bunnies and they generally survive mostly on hays and grasses. Sudden change in their diet by feeding them on a large volume of grains and fruits can lead to digestive upsets. 

The Bottom Line

Hay is the best and most safe food option to feed the wild bunny on. Otherwise, anything like grains, fruits, vegetables, pet food, etc are also a safe option for the bunny. I hope this guide helps you understand the feeding demand of the bunny in a wild condition.          

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