What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

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1.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

Can of Corn Definition. A “can of corn” is a routine fly ball hit to an outfielder. Origin. When 19th-century clerks at groceries and general stores were looking for an easier way to reach canned goods on high shelves, they started using long, hooked sticks to pull them down.

2.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

The ”can of corn” in baseball refers to that style of catch with a fly ball. Essentially, the catch and the can of corn have the following in common: Catching something that’s almost coming “straight down” The style of catching—letting the can, or the ball, do most of the work of coming down to you

3.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

Can of Corn The phrase supposedly dates back to the 19th Century. Old time, Sam Drucker-like grocers at General Stores would get canned goods down from high shelves using a long, hooked stick. Corn, a popular seller, was not on the highest shelf, so it was easy for the grocer to catch with his apron.

4.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

The Question: What does “can of corn” mean in baseball? Rookie Tired pitcher Corked bat Easy fly ball. Answer: The correct answer is Easy fly ball. Sourch: Categories Question-Answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name.

5.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

A can of corn is usually referring to balls hit in the outfield, but an infield pop fly can also be called a can of corn. A hitter will almost always give away that he just hit a ball that will be a can of corn. They don’t hustle out of the box since they know it is 99.9% likely to be an out.

6.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

Answer: A “can of corn” is a fly ball that is easy to catch. This phrase apparently came from a former practice of grocery store clerks, who used to knock unreachable cans off high shelves with a stick and catch them in their aprons.

7.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

What Is The Definition Of Can Of Corn In Baseball? 1. This is a term used to describe a fly ball that is hit into the outfield and is easily catchable for an out. Although not confirmed, one theory for the origination of the term is that it started in the early nineteenth-century and was first used by grocers.

8.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

What does “can of corn” mean in baseball? What is a synonym for efface? The Moondog Coronation Ball is considered the first what? Which country is home to this geographic formation known as “The Needles”? On which Caribbean island was Alexander Hamilton born?

9.What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?

More generally speaking, an easy play made in the field. The term “can o’ corn” (or “can of corn”) is one those archaic terms of baseball that has withstood the ages. In fact, it seems to have originated in the nineteenth century. Yet you still hear it today during Major League Baseball games.

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She does it to win, and the Bears have followed … If you make a mistake, you drop a can of corn, it’s not OK. That’s not OK if you’re going to win ballgames. So we’ve got to get better …

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1  What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?
What does “can of corn” mean in baseball?
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