What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

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1.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

RX: When a WOD is performed RX’d, that means the athlete performs all modalities using the prescribed weight and reps. In CrossFit, all WODs can be scaled down to meet your fitness level, but the…

2.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

WOD: Workout of the Day Although Crossfit combines many other elements, one of the key characteristics is a daily workout, hence the “workout of the day”. These are either done “AMRAP” (see below for definition) in a certain amount of time; or complete a circuit as fast as possible.

3.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

Pronounced by CrossFitters like “wad,” this is simply the routine you’ll be doing when you hit the box — the movements and the structure of the workout, which changes daily. For example, one might…

4.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

First of all the abbreviation WOD is on the table every day and means Workout Of the Day. Usually the whole workout consists of a warm up, skill session and then finally an actual WOD. The wod can be so various, often though based on the skill the coach has been teaching in the first half.

5.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

WOD What does WOD mean? WOD is an acronym used for the NBC television show World of Dance, and also for workout of the day in reference to CrossFit training. Some people use it to mean word of the day… not us.

6.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

WOD – Workout of the day. Everyday, there is a different series of exercises to develop your whole strength and fitness, be it flexibility, core, power, cardiovascular or any other component.

7.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

WOD means “Workout of the day.” This is the workout you’ll get when you attend a CrossFit class. CrossFit has come up with many different WODs, many of which feature different women’s names, like “Fran” and “Annie.” Other WODs like “Fight Gone Bad” just sound badass.

8.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

CrossFit terms, WOD terms, workout of the day, terms, definitions

9.What does “WOD” mean in CrossFit?

CrossFit Acronyms Acronyms and Abbreviations for CrossFit (What the hell are they talking about??) Just in case you are wondering what we are talking about, or what all thoes funny letters mean, here is a list of commonlly used acronyms…. WOD: – Workout of the Day

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But what does that actually mean? “From an exercise perspective … There are so many possibilities for a WOD that you won’t see many CrossFit workouts more than once at a gym.

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You must have notcied that CrossFit has its own vocabulary. In this video, I explain the meaning of these 5 CrossFit abreviations in English: “BOX”, “PR”, “PB”, “WOD”, “EMOM” e “AMRAP”. And if you are a CrossFitter, you know how good it feels to understand all of those terms written on the board …
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