What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

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1.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

Joey was replaced on ‘Cheaters’ in 2012 with Clark Gable III. Despite his popularity, Joey was replaced for the 13th season of the show in 2012 by the late Clark Gable III (Clark Gable’s grandson who passed in 2019 from a drug overdose).

2.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

Greco returned to host the fifteenth-season finale of Cheaters for the second case; however, Greco responded on his Twitter page that the case was one that never had aired from 2012. In February 2017, Greco hosted a Netflix parody of Cheaters titled “Netflix Cheaterz”, as an ad campaign to deter spouses or lovers from watching Netflix shows …

3.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

Cheaters host Joey Greco was allegedly stabbed by a man in 2003 Several years after the incident took place, on November 3, 2009, the man’s girlfriend accused that the scene was staged. Moreover, John Ellison, a member of the Rowlett Police Department, stated that no arrests were made at that time for a crime of that type.

4.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

Nonetheless, it gave Joey notoriety. Low cost stunt or not, it was one of many few issues that contributed to him turning into a fan-favorite of the present. Tags Cheaters Greco Happened Host Joey

5.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

After hosting ‘Cheaters’ for a decade, host Joey Greco will be replaced by Clark Gable III in the show’s upcoming thirteenth season. By Scott Stoute Jul 03, 2012 Clark Gable III – the grandson of the late legendary film star Clark Gable – will be taking over the hosting duties of the popular reality show, Cheaters.

6.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

One thing Gable shares with Joey Greco (besides being the host of Cheaters) is that he was actually stabbed at a Los Angeles house party in 2009. So between that and hosting Cheaters, Clark Gable…

7.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

In the scene you see up above, the episode climaxed with a violent altercation between the wiry cheater (“Mitchell”) of a boyfriend and the show’s second host, Joey Greco. Joey ended up getting…

8.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

Joey Greco – Biography. Joel Stephen “Joey” Greco (born February 29, 1972) is an American television personality and actor, best known as the long- time host of the reality TV show Cheaters, hosting for ten seasons. Greco was born and raised on Long Island.

9.What Ever Happened to ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco?

The Long Island native is best known as the host of the reality TV show Cheaters, where disgruntled lovers catch their partner straight in the act of cheating.He has also appeared in a series of films like Nightcrawlers (2009), The Bottom Line- Tony (2003).. The Show: Joey Greco hosting an episode of Netflix Cheaters (Photo: Interesting: Ross Mathews Reveals!

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1  Report: Joey Greco Stabbing Was Staged, And So Is “Cheaters”!
Is the Joey Greco-hosted reality series “Cheaters” genuine, or are portions of the show scripted? That is what “Inside Edition” has learned – even claiming the Greco stabbing was a setup!
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