What happened? And could it happen to my building

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1.What happened? And could it happen to my building

It’s a scenario that doesn’t happen often but is a nightmare when it does. Consequence #4: Insurance. Your insurance company might refuse to pay for any damages caused by unpermitted remodeling work. Imagine if your new unpermitted bathroom floods your entire house, causing damages up to thousands of dollars.

2.What happened? And could it happen to my building

As search and rescue teams are sifting through debris in Surfside, the CBS12 News I-Team is talking with two professionals about the possible warning signs when a building is at risk of collapsing.

3.What happened? And could it happen to my building

In other words, getting a permit could actually protect you from sinking money into a renovation and getting shoddy work in return. Don’t skip the permit. Nobody likes dealing with extra paperwork or paying extra money. But in some cases, getting a permit could mean giving up less than an hour of your time and writing a check for a few hundred …

4.What happened? And could it happen to my building

In Most states, a death in a home, no matter how it occurred, is not considered a “Material Fact” and it’s not required to be disclosed. A murder could have occurred days ago and the seller does not have to let you know. A death in a home, especially a violent death, can decrease the home’s value by 25% and increase its time to sell by up to 50 …

5.What happened? And could it happen to my building

What Happens to Property After a Divorce? How is property divided after a divorce? When the court grants a divorce, property will be divided equitably (not always equally) between the two spouses. This is decided under the Equitable Distribution Law. During the divorce both spouses have to tell the court about their income and any debts they owe.

6.What happened? And could it happen to my building

This could be the reason that we still see comparable levels of giant anteaters, peccaries and other species who may otherwise be vulnerable to hunting. Despite this, it’s without doubt that the new road will bring further disturbance to the Buffer Zone’s forest, but exactly what that will look like and the impact it will have is unknown.

7.What happened? And could it happen to my building

The truth is, the most variable factor in the home buying and selling process are the humans doing the buying and selling – the unexpected can always happen. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why purchase offers are rejected, and what your options are from there. Why was my House Offer Letter Rejected? Your Offer was Too Low

8.What happened? And could it happen to my building

“What happens if you die without a will” is a question frequently asked of Estate Planning professionals, and we’ve done our best to answer it in our guide.

9.What happened? And could it happen to my building

My job as a home inspector is not to research the history of a property to make sure the previous owners have pulled permits for everything they’ve ever done at the house. If someone could give me …

10.What happened? And could it happen to my building

In most situations, the remaining spouse would be able to continue to live in the house as long as he or she could pay the mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.. However, if the jailed spouse owes a large fine or has to make restitution, the property may need to be sold in order to pay those debts.

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1.Could a building collapse happen here? One of Utah’s top engineers explains

Luckily for local residents, the shocking collapse of a condominium building in the Miami area on Thursday morning is “extremely rare,” and a similar event has virtually no chance of

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1  What happened last night around the White House with all the fences? My morning after report.
If you haven’t watched my live stream from last night, be sure to check it out in my library. We saw dozens of workers, with big trucks and forklifts descend on Lafayette Park dropping off NEW FENCE when all along we thought the fences were coming down. A worker even told us “we’re just replacing the old fence” which was definitely quite a let …
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