What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

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1.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

The series finale of Darren Star’s “Younger” put an end to Liza’s (Sutton Foster) love affair with Charles (Peter Hermann), while giving the hope of a happy ending with Josh (Nico Tortorella).

2.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

Younger‘s series finale could have tied up everyone’s storyline in a neat little bow, but just like Charles’ book about that one horny summer in the Hamptons, creator Darren Star chose not …

3.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

Younger has come to and with an explosive finale for Liza Credit: Paramout+ What happened in the final episode of Younger? The tears are still as fresh as the paper the books at Imperial are printed on – that’s right guys, Younger is over.

4.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

Warning: Spoilers below for the series finale of “Younger.” After seven seasons of strong female friendships, love triangles, secrets, more love triangles, publishing shenanigans, and yet another visit to that same big love triangle, “Younger” took its final bow Wednesday night, giving Liza and Co. a sendoff that unfortunately left many longtime viewers (myself included) feeling unsatisfied.

5.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

‘Younger’ bid farewell after 7 seasons in the show’s June 10 series finale. The final moments of the episode revealed who Liza ends up with. So, did Team Charles or Team Josh come…

6.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

The series comes to a close with a hint that the two are going to rekindle their love. But that’s not the only major news from the finale. Kelsey has perhaps the biggest news of all. She’s leaving and heading to Los Angeles to start Inkubator, following her own dreams.

7.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

***Warning, spoilers for the series finale ahead.*** After seven seasons Younger has come to a conclusion, and stars Nico Tortorella and Molly Bernard have some thoughts on how it ended, as well …

8.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

After watching the Younger series finale on Hulu and Paramount+, we have several questions and thoughts about where the show left things for Sutton Foster’s Liza, Hilary Duff’s Kelsey, and the …

9.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

On the series finale of Younger, which dropped Thursday on Paramount+, the series ended with the blossoming editor turning over a new leaf in her career and romantic life.After briefly rekindling …

10.What Happened in the Series Finale of ‘Younger’

The series finale of the Darren Star-created comedy aired Thursday, and viewers finally got to see the lasting implications of Liza’s (Sutton Foster) tiny white lie about her age.In a truly epic …

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1.Why the ‘Younger’ series finale was such a massive let-down to fans

The final season of “Younger” lost track of everything that made the show great – and even the resolution of the big love triangle felt hollow.

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Younger Series Finale Paramount Plus Trailer
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