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1.what happened to another bad creation

On March 3, 1991 Another Bad Creation appeared on sketch comedy show In Living Color. Keenen Ivory Wayans introduced them by comparing them to The Jackson 5, New Edition, and The Boys. The group then sang “Iesha”. ABC’s second album It Ain’t What U Wear, It’s How U Play It was released on September 21, 1993.

2.what happened to another bad creation

March 17, 2014 Edward Bowser music, Whatever Happened to 23 Ladies, y’all won’t like me after this column. A few days ago, I was roaming around these Internet streetz, and I stumbled across an old photo of Another Bad Creation, the hip-hop flavored R&B group that made prepubescent girls shriek like maniacs at the mere mention of their name.

3.what happened to another bad creation

Another bad creation (ABC) ABC went on to sell a million plus albums and folks were dubbing them as the ‘Jackson 5 of the 90’s’ but then they fell off as fast as they came up.

4.what happened to another bad creation

mike bivins of new edition discovered this group who had 2 hit singles then fell off the musical map

5.what happened to another bad creation

Another Bad Creation’s “Where Are They Now” DVD Coming Soon

6.what happened to another bad creation

Another Bad Creation. Today there are two members who are still slightly visible to the public’s eye and they are Ro-Ro and Mark, now known as Mizzark. Ro-Ro is rapping now. You can check out his video below.

7.what happened to another bad creation

New jack swing and pop-rap group Another Bad Creation scored their biggest hit with their debut single. Written by Michael Bivins– the New Edition/Bell Biv DeVoe member who discovered and managed the group — and producer Dallas Austin, “Iesha” entered Billboard’s Hot R&B Singles chart in November 1990 and eventually peaked at number six.Almost unavoidable for a period on commercial U.S …

8.what happened to another bad creation

What Ever Happened to Another Bad Creation? So back in 1991, Another Bad Creation, also known as ABC, 7 little, little boys had a single called “Iesha” they used to get airplay on the Jukebox network. And it was my jam. I recall the lyrics went:

9.what happened to another bad creation

What ever happened to the group Another Bad Creation? Those little boys who use to sing Iesha and Playground..Some of the lyrics to playground go L-I-L-D-A-V-E four feet shorty of the crew. … their name says it all a bad creation. 1 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. im so glad the spice girls got back together for a world tour. 1 0.

10.what happened to another bad creation

what ever happened to another bad creation? well… just go to vh1 and find out a little information! there’s a petition there that i can’t put up here. we got a little over 10, but we just put it up too, so that’s not bad at all. we just need much more still. i hear a lot of people ask about them, so just go to vh1 and the link is in the …

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