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1what happened to billy woodward
After an afternoon of emotional impact statements from the families and loved ones of both William Woodward and the men he was convicted of killing, Woodward was sentenced to two life terms Wednesday.

2what happened to billy woodward
Billy Woodward is the Florida man who shot his neighbors and claimed he was “standing his ground.” The lone survivor admits to baiting Woodward.

3William Woodward

William “Billy” Woodward Jr. (June 12, 1920 – October 31, 1955) was the heir to the Hanover National Bank fortune (later Manufacturer’s Hanover), the Belair Estate and stud farm and legacy, and a leading figure in racing circles before he was shot to death by his wife, Ann Woodward, in what Life magazine called the “Shooting of the Century”.

4what happened to billy woodward
Prosecutors said Billy Woodward can be seen on a home security camera, crawling across the street from his house and opening fire on three men. Roger Picior and Gary Hembree died in the gunfire …

5William Woodward

William Woodward was found guilty Wednesday for the second-degree murder of his neighbors, Gary Hembree and Roger Picior, as well as guilty for an attempted second-degree murder charge, shooting another one of his neighbors, Bruce “Tim” Blake.. Woodward was accused of allegedly crawling over to Hembree’s home with a 9mm pistol and shooting the men.

6what happened to billy woodward
Woodward’s wife, Barbara, needed a break to compose herself while testifying about the abuse aimed at her then 12-year-old daughter. “They would yell obscenities at my daughter as she walked from …

7what happened to billy woodward
Relationship With Billy Woodward. While working as a showgirl at the New York City nightclub FeFe’s Monte Carlo, Ann met William Woodward Sr., a wealthy heir to Hanover National Bank and Belair …

8what happened to billy woodward
Billy Woodward’s admissions in court could come back to haunt him. The prosecution will now be able to use those open and at times bizarre statements against him during the murder trial. The only thing working in his favor right now: The prosecution took the death penalty off the table. If Woodward is convicted he could get life in prison.

9what happened to billy woodward
— — In his chilling police interrogation, Billy Woodward described the moment he sneaked across his front lawn wearing camouflage and shot three neighbors he had been feuding with in Titusville …

10what happened to billy woodward
Billy Woodward accused of shooting 3 neighbors. Share … police interviewed Woodward and he told them what happened. A report says Woodward showed no emotion for his actions and believed he was …

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