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1what happened to carla on er
Carla Reese was Peter Benton’s girlfriend during Season 3 and the mother of his son, Reese Benton. Carla dies in a car accident at the beginning of Season 8. Carla Reese owns a Caribbean restaurant in Chicago and meets Peter Benton at a barbecue. They date for a while and then drift apart. Carla learns she is pregnant and tells Peter he is the father. Their son Reese is born premature and a …

2Peter Benton

In Season 7, Carla shows up anew to openly flirt with Peter, cause problems between him and new girlfriend Cleo Finch, and lie to Roger about Peter hitting on her to the point where Roger and Peter have an altercation in the ER. In the 2nd episode of Season 8, Carla is killed in a car accident.

3Lisa Nicole Carson

Lisa Nicole Carson, Actress: Ally McBeal. Lisa Nicole Carson has the distinction of having simultaneously starred in television’s most lauded comedy and drama series. She has both amused audiences as Renee Radick, the D.A. roommate of Calista Flockhart on Fox’s Ally McBeal (1997) and riveted them as Carla Reese, the mother of Eriq La Salle’s son on NBC’s ER (1994).

4what happened to carla on er
Carla was involved in a car accident at the beggining of season 8. Reese was in the car but only scratched his head. Roger sued for custody after Benton would not agree to share it.

5ER (season 3)

Benton gets an interesting offer from Hicks. He also learns that Carla Reece has been admitted to the hospital. Greene’s daughter ends up spending the day in the ER when her mom has to rush to Florida to deal with a family emergency. 65: 18 “You Bet Your Life” Christopher Chulack: Paul Manning: April 17, 1997 () 465418: 32.1 [citation needed]

6The Longer You Stay

Abby and Luka break up. When Weaver goes MIA, Malucci and Chen make a severe mistake with a patient, ultimately leading to the patient’s death. They blame it on Weaver for not answering their pages; we later see that Weaver left her pager in the bathroom at Doc Magoo’s. Carla and Reese get into a car accident, which kills Carla and injures Reese.

7what happened to carla on er
With ER in its sixth season, executive producer John Wells planned to send Wyle’s noble trust fund Dr. John Carter on the path to becoming a drug addict after being physically and emotionally …

8Dave Malucci

Dave Malucci is an Emergency Room doctor who appeared from the sixth season to eighth season.. Character History. Malucci appears for the first time in the Season 6 episode, Last Rites where he joined the E.R. department at County General as a second-year resident. He and Dr. John Carter later steal some equipment from an ambulance to help some construction workers injured with both men later …

9what happened to carla on er
Handout/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. ER was never known for its spectacular visual scenes, but one of the few extraordinary and epic moments occurred in season two when Doug Ross (George Clooney) heroically jumps into a culvert to save a boy from drowning.Once he emerges from the water, with the boy in his arms, a bright light comes from the helicopter directly above and shines on the two—a …

10what happened to carla on er
I really want to know what happened to her after the show but I can’t find any updates online! level 2. 3 points · 2 years ago. I was looking for that information, too. I hope the woman got some help. Her poor frustrated kids, too. View entire discussion ( 13 comments) More posts from the drphil community. 62. Posted by 1 day ago.

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1  The Deaths of ER – “Tears of an Angel”
Voiceovers (audio inclusions of the characters talking in the show, placed over top of the music) typed out below – just in case you can’t understand them! Scroll to the end of the description. ~~~ We decided for this collab to focus exclusively on some of the memorable deaths in ER. 11 of us participated in the collab, and we each had 2 parts …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY68aDjxHw0

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1ER (season 6)
series ER first aired on September 30, 1999 and concluded on May 18, 2000. The sixth season consists of 22 episodes. In the first major cast change in ER, the…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ER (season 6)

2Peter Benton
Dr. Peter Benton is a fictional character that was a regular on the television series ER for its first eight seasons and appeared in two episodes of the…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter Benton

3Cleo Finch
available to perform a laparotomy on a dying patient in the aftermath of a stabbing in the ER, Dr. Finch performed an emergency thoracotomy in the OR to stabilize…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleo Finch