What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

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1.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Where is Cindy from ‘My 600-lb Life’ now? After being put on a super strict diet and prescribed psychotherapy and exercise, Cindy was only able to lose about 40 pounds (she needed to lose at least 70).

2.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

On last night’s episode of My 600-lb Life, TLC fans got to know Cindy Vela of Texas. Cindy is 45-years-old. She weighs over 600 pounds. And, she lives by herself. She has a caretaker named Denise who tends to her day-to-day needs. For Cindy, her day-to-day needs include very basic tasks that some …

3.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

What happened with Cindy on My 600-lb Life? Cindy’s former caretaker Sandy encouraged her to seek the help of Dr. Now. She was put on a strict diet and physiotherapy program and she had the aim to lose 70 pounds. However, the TLC episode revealed that Cindy managed to shed only 40 pounds of her original goal.

4.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Cynthia Wells was one of the most controversial stars on My 600-lb Life. As a single mother juggling five children, the stresses of everyday life were getting to her. Wells’ weight topped out at 610 pounds, leaving her not just without motivation but virtually incapable of keeping up with her kids’ needs.

5.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Cynthia Wells weighed 610 pounds when she first appeared on TLC’s hit reality series My 600-lb Life in 2016. The mother of five decided to seek out the help of celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr …

6.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Where is Cynthia from My 600-Lb. Life now? True to her word, Cynthia did continue to lose weight after leaving Dr. Now’s guidance in the dust. Read on to find out where Cynthia is now, and what happened with her weight following the show.

7.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Kelly Mason got a lot of coverage by on My 600-Lb Life by TLC when she died. She passed away from a stoke. Her death sadly featured as her main storyline. But she made huge efforts with losing weight.

8.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Since its inception in 2012, dozens of men and women have had their lives changed on TLC program My 600-lb Life, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.Zsalyn Whitworth is one of them. Whitworth’s story premiered in January of 2014 (via TLC), and she’s come a long way in six years.Whitworth was a standout story in a large part, because of her husband.

9.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

“My 600-lb Life” documents the weight loss journey of dozens of patients who are 600 pounds or heavier. Sadly, seven patients have died over the years due to complications with their weight.

10.What happened to cindy from 600 pound life

Since 2012, TLC‘s My 600-lb. Life has documented several shocking and inspirational weight loss stories that have resulted in some amazing before and after photos. The unscripted series follows …

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