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1.what happened to daddyofive

What happened to the DaddyOFive YouTube channel? In 2017, Mike and Heather posted a video of them “pranking” their two children, Cody and Emma. In the video, they blame the children for spilling ink on the carpet, though the parents planted the spill.

2.what happened to daddyofive

FamilyOFive, formerly known as DaddyOFive, was a YouTube channel and online alias of Michael Christopher “Mike” Martin (born December 17, 1982), which focused on daily vlogging and “prank” videos. At its peak, the channel’s videos featured Martin, his wife Heather Martin—also known by her online alias MommyOFive—and their children.

3.what happened to daddyofive

Michael Christopher Martin (born:December 17, 1982 (1982-12-17) [age 38]), better known onlineas DaddyOFive, is a formerAmerican YouTuber known for his controversial “prank” videoson his children. The channel reached significant controversy in 2017, after the extent of the abuse the children suffered—especially that experienced by Emma, Cody and to a lesser extent, Alex—was exposed by …

4.what happened to daddyofive

DaddyOFive is a YouTube channel created and run by Michael and Heather Martin. It showed, in detail, what turned into emotionally and sometimes physically abusive pranks these parents played on their five kids: three sons that are Heather’s biological children and the two youngest, Cody and Emma, are Michael’s. The channel, DaddyOFive, was created in the summer of 2015 and the channel’s …

5.what happened to daddyofive

DaddyOFive is a fairly popular YouTube channel — it boasts around 750,000 subscribers — founded in August of 2015. Until recently, it posted daily videos depicting the life of a blended family …

6.what happened to daddyofive

The biological mother of the two children featured in a Youtube ‘prank’ video which is at the center of a child abuse scandal, has spoken out about how she h…

7.what happened to daddyofive

He began using a DaddyOFive Gaming YouTube account in October of 2016. Family Life. His real name is Mike Martin and he is from Baltimore, Maryland. His sons are named Jake, Ryan, Cody, Alex, and he has a daughter named Emma. Associated With. His wife, Heather Martin, is known on YouTube as MommyOFive.

8.what happened to daddyofive

She made one video about Daddyofive not too long ago where she apparently was having a panic attack while she filmed. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but when I get panic attacks (I have a pretty bad anxiety disorder), I sure as hell can’t compose myself well enough to have organized thoughts, let alone speak well in front of a camera.

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1.Maryland parents being investigated over YouTube channel

The couple had uploaded nearly 300 videos to their “DaddyOFive” YouTube channel. In them, the parents screamed profanities at their children, broke their toys and filmed the children fighting each …

Published Date: 2017-04-26T15:18:00.0000000Z

2.These YouTubers lost custody of their kids after their mean-spirited ‘pranks’ went viral

Mike Martin and his second wife Heather made headlines recently when videos they made of themselves pranking Mike’s two youngest children went viral on the DaddyoFive YouTube channel.

Published Date: 2017-05-02T16:58:00.0000000Z

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