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1what happened to dream the youtuber
Clay (born: August 12, 1999 [age 21]), better known online as Dream (formerly known as DreamWasTaken, DreamTraps, DreamOnPvP,& DeltaNinja), is an American gaming YouTuber and Minecraft speedrunner. His channel is one of the fastest-growing channels in the history of YouTube, gaining over 10 million subscribers in a little over a year. He has amassed over 920 million views on his main channel.

2what happened to dream the youtuber
Gamer who has risen to fame for his Dream YouTube channel. He has earned more than 60 million views for his Minecraft playthroughs, mods, and commentary, including for different situations. The 21-year-old youtuber was born in United States.

3what happened to dream the youtuber
Dream, the streamer who kicked Jschlatt from the server, faced pressure from Twitter to remove him. Fans want to know exactly what happened, and who was involved. Read on to find out more.

4what happened to dream the youtuber
Jason Ethier and Alexia Marano launched a joint channel called “Dream Team” shortly before their breakup in January of 2020. Jason Ethier/ YouTube Jason Ethier, known by his 5.5 million subscribers as JayStation , caused an online uproar in January during his tumultuous split with girlfriend and fellow YouTuber Alexia Marano .

5what happened to dream the youtuber
I had a dream where I woke up in my bed, went on my phone, and a new video by a youtuber was uploaded. It was titled ‘Halloween!’, and it had just been uploaded. I had a similar dream to this on the 17th of April, which was around 16 days before the next video was uploaded. There hasn’t been any video of that series uploaded since then.

6what happened to dream the youtuber
Dream is not a good youtuber. His original content is actually pretty bad and his popularity comes off of three things. Recycling content. His most popular videos are absolutely atrocious and it’s just the same thing over and over and over again. He’s made about 20 videos on the exact same thing, speedrunning while my friends try to kill me.

7what happened to dream the youtuber
Corpse Husband (born: August 8, 1997 [age 23]), or simply Corpse, is an American YouTuber from San Diego, California who is part of a community of YouTubers known as Horror Narration Channels. Unlike other horror narrators, Corpse Husband prefers to read true horror stories, whether they are sent in from his subscribers, or from subreddits such as r/LetsNotMeet and r/NoSleep.

8what happened to dream the youtuber
Troye Sivan Mellet (/ t r ɔɪ s ɪ ˈ v ɑː n / TROY sih-VAHN; born 5 June 1995) is an Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and YouTuber.After gaining popularity as a singer on YouTube, and in Australian talent competitions, Sivan signed with EMI Australia in 2013 and released his third extended play, TRXYE (2014), which peaked at number five on the U.S. Billboard 200.

9what happened to dream the youtuber
Minecraft stuff, yes, my IGN is Dream

10what happened to dream the youtuber
Over the past week or so, another drama has gripped the internet, this time between former friends and YouTube personalities Skeppy (real name, Zak Ahmed) and a6d (Vincent).

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