What happened to drew petersons children

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1.What happened to drew petersons children

Drew Peterson’s oldest son from his first marriage, Stephen, took custody of the other four kids. When Drew went to prison, his son Stephen, who was from his first marriage to Carol Brown, was already an adult, as was Stephen’s brother, Eric, though Eric had been estranged from his father for several years.

2.What happened to drew petersons children

The ex-cop had two children with Kathleen Savio, whom he’s accused of killing, and another two with Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since 2007. Drew Peterson’s adult son Stephen announced…

3.What happened to drew petersons children

Stephen Peterson said Drew’s younger children at first were told their dad was away “helping the police,” but now know he’s in prison. Over the years, classmates have confronted the kids, telling…

4.What happened to drew petersons children

Stacy’s husband, Sergeant Drew Peterson, is officially a suspect. The case has gone from a missing persons case to a potential homicide investigation. Stacy Peterson is 23 years old, has two small …

5.What happened to drew petersons children

Officially, Stacy Peterson remains a missing person. At 19, she married the 49-year-old Drew Peterson and had two children with him: Anthony Peterson and Lacy Peterson (yes, it’s an uncanny coincidence). She also adopted Drew’s two children from his previous marriage.

6.What happened to drew petersons children

The grown son of convicted murderer Drew Peterson says he believes his father likely killed the last two of his four wives. Stephen Peterson, 37, has been raising Drew’s four younger children, his …

7.What happened to drew petersons children

He is the son of Drew Peterson– the man accused of murdering two of his four wives, including Tom’s mother, Kathleen Salvio.. Tom has maintained a GPA above 4.0 and hopes to study neuroscience at …

8.What happened to drew petersons children

CHICAGO (CBS) — The son of convicted killer and former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson has revealed he believes his father “probably” killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

9.What happened to drew petersons children

On Monster in My Family, Stephen Peterson also talks about raising his half-siblings, Anthony and Lacy, in Drew and Stacy Peterson’s Bolingbrook, Illinois home. According to the Chicago Tribune,…

10.What happened to drew petersons children

Former cop and convicted wife-killer Drew Peterson thinks federal prison is an upgrade from the confines he was previously in and thinks he should have just stayed a bachelor in a new interview …

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1.Drew Peterson Wants Your Money

Police have previously searched Peterson’s home and have seized some of … evidence of the offense of first degree murder.” “Drew and his children should not have to lose everything accumulated …

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1  Savio Family Rips Drew Peterson After Hearing
Former police officer Drew Peterson pleaded not guilty killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Her family criticized Peterson outside the courthouse. (May 18)
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