What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

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1.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 11 episode 3 wasted no time starting things off with a crisis — a huge one featuring Joe Hill at the center. Everyone now knew the truth of who he was, but there was still another question — what was he going to do about it?

2.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

Blue Bloods wrapped up Season 10 with a brand new family member at the table for Sunday dinner, the newly discovered grandson of Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), named Joe Hill (Will Hochman). Joe is…

3.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

In case you missed it, the season 10 finale of Blue Bloods welcomed a new character to the cast: Joe Hill. Despite the different last name, Joe is yet another Reagan at heart. Specifically, he’s…

4.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

Joseph “Joe” Hill is an NYPD detective working out of Brooklyn North in the Firearms Investigation Unit. He is the son of the late Joe Reagan (whom he was named after) and Paula Hill. He is the first grandchild of Francis and Mary Reagan. He is the nephew of Danny Reagan, Erin Reagan and Jamie Reagan. He is the older cousin of Nicky Reagan-Boyle, Jack Reagan and Sean Reagan. He is the great …

5.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

His name is Joe Hill, played on Blue Bloods by Will Hochman, and he’s not just any NYPD detective: He’s the youngest in the firearms unit. The episode ends with Sean inviting Joe to family dinner,…

6.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

The new grandson on ‘Blue Bloods’ was a surprise addition to the family. Not only is Joe Hill a new character on Blue Bloods, but he’s a new grandson to the Reagan family. There were a couple storylines converging that led to the discovery of Joe Hill as a new member of the Reagan family.

7.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

At the end of “Blue Bloods” Season 10, fans saw as the beloved clan welcomed Joe Hill. Unfortunately, the show ended earlier than planned due to the coronavirus. Therefore, fans have to wait a little longer to confirm whether the new character will be a regular at the nightly dinners the Reagan family is known for.

8.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

Blue Bloods season 10 finale: Did Joe Reagan have a son, Joe Hill? Blue Bloods May 2, 2020 In the early going on tonight’s Blue Bloods season 10 finale, there was a startling reveal that came out from Sean Reagan — he had a cousin, supposedly, that no one knew about!

9.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

The Broadway actor, who appeared on a handful of Blue Bloods episodes, died from the coronavirus in July after three months in the hospital. He was 41.

10.What happened to joe hill on blue bloods

Not long after Joe was promoted to detective, he began working undercover with the FBI, investigating a group of corrupt NYPD cops, who were operating within a fraternal organization called ” Blue Templar “. The corrupt cops murdered Joe when his covert investigation was getting too close to naming names.

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1.‘Blue Bloods’: Who Plays Joe Hill on the Show?

Blue Bloods Season 10 … They later discover Sean’s cousin is Joseph Hill, the son of the late Joe Reagan. Joe Sr. had a son he never knew about. Joseph’s mother was a member of the New …

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