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1.what happened to kissanime

What happened to the anime streaming site? Did KissAnime Shut Down? Anime fans have been flocking to KissAnime for years…and have encountered problems accessing it more than once. Most of the time, the issues are related to the servers when too many users are watching it at once.

2.what happened to kissanime

So what happened to KissAnime, and is there a chance the site will come back online? KissAnime was a site that hosted free, often pirated, anime shows and movies, with its parent company also …

3.what happened to kissanime

What happened to KissAnime? Visitors were met with a white screen upon clicking to the KissAnime website instead of its typical black background green text look. Instead of the site populating with categories and new titles to watch, there was one sentence written on the white screen.

4.what happened to kissanime

KissAnime, which is a popular piracy website that is used to “illegally stream anime shows,” in the words of Mothership, was taken down around 6 a.m. on Saturday. According to ANI Radio Plus,…

5.what happened to kissanime

Popular loophole sites KissAnime and KissManga have reached the end of the road, bringing an end to years of free, pirated content for the community. Following stricter piracy laws from Japan, both platforms will be taken down permanently, after nearly a decade on the Internet.

6.what happened to kissanime

KissAnime Website is a popular name in the world of anime fans for not just distributing free anime content but having a huge library. One can easily vouch on saying that KissAnime has 90% of the existing anime on the internet there is to watch. With a record of 3.09 million sessions per day, KissAnime is truly one of the most successful websites of the time.

7.what happened to kissanime

What is KissAnime? Kissanime is viewed as one of the fascinating streaming platforms for watching anime. This is one of the most outstanding sites that everyone prefers to watch anime shows and anime movies. It is a one-stop destination for all anime lovers. What Happened To KissAnime? The kissanime has been facing some issues.

8.what happened to kissanime was one of the most visited and well-known anime sites over the past few years. The website originated in Japan in 2012 and became an instant favorite among anime lovers across the world. Prior to its shutdown, received millions of daily visitors and was one of the most used anime sites on the Internet.

9.what happened to kissanime is the only official site. If you knowingly advertise a fake site, you WILL be permanently banned. KissAnime does NOT, and never will, have an official app. If you want an app, go to r/AnYme.

10.what happened to kissanime website. The kissanime website already told that kissanime is closed forever. So, there is nothing to say if it is close or not. The reason it’s closed forever probably because it doesn’t have the anime files to run the website because all the files are removed by the copyright owners.

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1.KissAnime and KissManga

Yes, but only for anime or manga not legally available to me. 2918 out of 7068 (41.3%) Yes, for anime or manga not available to me for free (I won’t pay a subscription). 1882 out of 7068 (26.6% …

Published Date: 2020-08-17T22:49:00.0000000Z

2.AT&T’s Crunchyroll Sold To Sony’s Funimation For US$1.2 Billion

After KissAnime, the beloved pirate streaming site of anime fans went down, many were left with little choice but to start pursuing more legal means to watch their anime. Now, it seems one such …

Published Date: 2020-12-10T08:10:00.0000000Z

1  What Happened to Kissanime??
What really happened to Kissanime? Last month we lost a good friend to DMCA, it had a good run but looks like even Kissanime can’t outrun the ban hammer.. at least that specific version of Kissanime. New Kissanime website for ya; SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE FOR MORE CONTENT JUST LIKE THIS ONE! THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SHARE WITH ANYONE …
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