What happened to laurie strodes son

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1.What happened to laurie strodes son

What happened to Laurie Strode’s son? Laurie Strode definitely had a son. Halloween: H20, released in 1998, was a direct sequel to Halloween II, which was released in 1981. In H20, we learn that Laurie faked her own death and is working at a fancy private school that her son also attends. Of course, somehow Michael Myers is able to find her.

2.What happened to laurie strodes son

The Halloween franchise has been retconned a couple of times, and in one of those timelines, Laurie Strode had a son named John – but what happened to him? In 1978, John Carpenter changed the horror genre with Halloween, a slasher movie that introduced viewers to final girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and serial killer Michael Myers. Halloween wasn’t well-received when it was released …

3.What happened to laurie strodes son

Having apparently cast Judy Greer in the role of Laurie Strode’s daughter in 2018’s Halloween, many fans are wondering what became of her son from H20. With Jamie Lee Curtis officially signing …

4.What happened to laurie strodes son

In the Halloween movie series, Laurie Strode has three children. The first is Jamie Lloyd (as played by Danielle Harris, then later J.C. Brandy); the second is John Tate (as played by Josh Hartnett); and the third is Karen Nelson (as played by Judy Greer). Jamie Lloyd was first introduced in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988).

5.What happened to laurie strodes son

Laurie Strode’s son survived in the end of Halloween H2O. This was the last film of the series. However, remakes have been made since it.

6.What happened to laurie strodes son

Laurie Strode is a character and the primary protagonist in the Halloween franchise. She first appeared in the original Halloween. Laurie’s history is complicated by the fact that the series follows several conflicting continuities. Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and Resurrection ignore the events of Halloween 4, 5, and 6, splitting the …

7.What happened to laurie strodes son

Laurie Strode was born Cynthia Myers on February 22, 1961. She was the youngest of three children of Donald and Edith Myers. When Laurie was only two, her six-year-old brother Michael brutally murdered their older sister Judith with a butcher knife. Michael was sent away following the incident. At some point, when Laurie was very young, Edith …

8.What happened to laurie strodes son

Laurie Strode is a fictional character in the Halloween franchise by John Carpenter and Debra Hill.She debuted in the original 1978 film as a high school student who becomes targeted by serial killer Michael Myers on Halloween night, who also becomes her arch-nemesis. Laurie is generally considered the main protagonist of the series, with later films seeing Michael continue to threaten her life.

9.What happened to laurie strodes son

Blumhouse officially reveals who the father of Laurie Strode’s daughter was. Jamie Lee Curtis brought the character Laurie Strode to life back in 1978 when John Carpenter’s Halloween hit theaters. In the first film, she was just a young babysitter looking after a few of the neighborhood kids, but the sequels eventually revealed her to be Michael Myers’ sister before killing her off at the very …

10.What happened to laurie strodes son

The New Halloween Movie Is Ignoring The Sequels And Here’s Why. “I hung on tight to Halloween II for a while.” With Michael Myers stalking back into theaters to go toe-to-toe with Laurie Strode …

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1  1981 – Halloween II – Laurie Strode is Michael Myers’ sister
1981 – Halloween II – In this scene, Dr. Loomis finds out that Laurie Strode is actually Michael Myers’ sister. He orders the officer to turn the car around and go back to the hospital, where Dr. Loomis believes Michael Myers will go to try to kill his other sister Laurie Strode.
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death (1963), Mr. and Mrs. Myers died (1965) and Laurie Strode was eventually adopted by the Strodes. Mrs. Myers is also the grandmother of Jamie Lloyd…

2.Halloween (2018 film)

and son to stop to see what is going on. Michael murders them both, takes their truck and returns to Haddonfield. In Haddonfield, Laurie Strode lives…

3.Halloween II (1981 film)

respective roles as Laurie Strode and Dr. Sam Loomis. It is the second installment in the Halloween film series and serves as a direct sequel to Halloween (1978)…

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