what happened to miley cyrus voice

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1.what happened to miley cyrus voice

Miley Cyrus is revealing details about how her voice has changed during her career, from the effects smoking had on it to her vocal surgery. During a wide-ranging, two-hour interview on ” The Joe…

2.what happened to miley cyrus voice

Mind you, Miley had already noted she was on “vocal rest” following her tonsillitis procedure from last month. Now, it looks like we won’t be hearing her voice for a little while as she gets back…

3.what happened to miley cyrus voice

According to her own words, her speaking voice has become a lot lower, especially in the last year due to a deviation in her vocal cords. “Not the singing, but what happened next affected my voice,” said Cyrus. “The adrenaline of giving a show ensures that you are completely ‘on’ afterwards.” “After that it is difficult to fall asleep.

4.what happened to miley cyrus voice

Drug and alcohol use happened, along with age. If you compare her voice from her early days to her recent work, as much as her voice is, for the most part, the same, you can hear the effects of substance use. The increasing rasp in her voice? That’s the result of alcohol and drugs.

5.what happened to miley cyrus voice

Miley Cyrus’ first day on “The Voice” almost ended in total disaster, after one of her many pets had an accident on set. During an interview with Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show in San…

6.what happened to miley cyrus voice

” The Voice ” singer Janice Freeman — one of Miley Cyrus ‘ favorites on the show — died Saturday, from an apparent blood clot…

7.what happened to miley cyrus voice

What happened to Miley Cyrus’ voice? Her latest concert appearences have been, well, almost hard to listen to. She’s off-key and completely out of breath. I mean, with dance moves and everything, you could understand her being a little out of breath, but she did way better on her concert tour. What’s going on?

8.what happened to miley cyrus voice

Why does Miley Cyrus’s voice sound like a man? Smoking. Definitely smoking. Smoking gradually wrecks your voice. The smoke irritates and dries out your vocal folds. Smoking also contributes to acid reflux, another contributing factor to throat irr…

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