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1.What happened to patty mayo

For everyone wondering what happened to Patty Mayo, rest assured that he is still very much around. He had to take a break from shooting new videos due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, he has been uploading videos he shot before the outbreak. He also recently released his docuseries titled Becoming the Seamen.

2.What happened to patty mayo

Patty Mayo’s video output has reduced significantly in the latter half of November, 2017. This may be due to a number of extrinsic as well as internal issues in the YouTuber’s personal life. Patty Mayo reported a paroxysmally appearing illness related to injuries he sustained in the course of his work.

3.What happened to patty mayo

You might be asking what happened to Patty Mayo; he took a break from shooting new videos due to COVID-19 limitations. Patty Mayo has unquestionably made a name for himself with his engaging social media content. Notwithstanding the show being scripted, the resources and merchandise sales are evidence that his content approach works well for him.

4.What happened to patty mayo

Patty Mayo appears to live in the Burbank California area now, but actually from the east coast boy at heart. Patty was born and raised in the Boston area although it’s not exactly clear which town…

5.What happened to patty mayo

Well, many have been asking about Patty Mayo’s wife. Kayla Pillar is blessed to be his girlfriend and also cast in his videos on YouTube. So, if you are pondering on what happened to Patty Mayo, know that he is around and about, ready to entertain his fans with even more intriguing bounty hunt series.

6.What happened to patty mayo

Patty Mayo: Professional Life, Career. On November 12, 2013, Patrick Thomas developed the Patty Mayo channel. He began as a prankster and then went on to produce and post bounty hunting content on the channel that documented his efforts to capture footage of California’s dangerous incidents and disasters.

7.What happened to patty mayo

100% proof the YouTube Patty Mayo is a fake cop. He openly admits it on a news interview. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE…

8.What happened to patty mayo

Patty Mayo also has a second channel on the social platform. This channel, titled ‘Extra Mayo,’ was launched on March 29, 2014. It features numerous vlogs concerning his personal life. From travel time stories to collaborative videos with his girlfriend, the channel has everything one needs to know about the American YouTuber.

9.What happened to patty mayo

To know more about the American prankster and his struggle throughout the journey keep reading our article. Patty Mayo’s Wiki. Born on July 6, 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts, United State of America, Patty is the former owner of Boston businesses Paramotor Tours, Abington Airsoft and Abington Zombie Apocolypse, under the name Patrick Tarmey.. Whereas the information related to his education …

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