what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

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1.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

Rachel Bradshaw’s husband Rob Bironas passed away at around 11 p.m. on Sept. 20, after driving his car off the road and into a drainage basin. The autopsy report revealed that he had a blood-alcohol level of .218, and also had traces of Valium in his system.

2.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

Bradshaw, a broadcasting legend who won four Super Bowls as quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is married to wife Tammy and has two daughters — Rachel and Erin — and a stepdaughter, Lacey.

3.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

As the daughter of NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, Rachel Bradshaw seemed to have come full circle with her marriage to Rob Bironas earlier this year. However, the nightmare of the sudden death of the former Tennessee Titans kicker began for Bradshaw on Saturday night when her husband slammed into a ditch at around 11 PM on September 20.

4.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

Bironas was the husband of Rachel Bradshaw, daughter of Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Police spokesman Don Aaron said a police chaplain was with her after the crash.

5.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

Dustin Hughes became a gossiping context after his relationship with Terry Bradshaw’s daughter. Dustin recently started dating Rob Bionas’ widow, Rachel Bradshaw. After the death of Rachel’s husband, it took almost 4-5 years to move on. Dustin’s net worth is probably in a good figure, as he will be soon linked up with a wealthy family.

6.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

Rachel Bradshaw had no idea what her husband was up to on the night of his death over the weekend. The mysterious death of her husband, former Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas, has left many questions on the minds of family and friends.However, Rachel Bradshaw is the one who will be left to put together the pieces of her husband’s last moments.

7.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

On the show, Rachel’s boyfriend is Dustin Hughes, a guy her family can’t seem to get on board with. Her sister and dad are both concerned he might be in it for the Bradshaw name rather than having genuine feelings for her. This is obviously going to be an ongoing storyline for Season 1 of The Bradshaw Bunch, but beyond that, it might fizzle out.

8.what happened to rachel bradshaw husband

Rachel Bradshaw’s ex is in the hot seat! … Bradshaw Bunch: What Happened To Rachel Bradshaw’s Ex Dustin Hughes. … Tragically, her husband died in a car accident in 2014. Since then, she has been focused on her real estate career and making a name for herself outside of her famous football father.

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