what happened to sabo in one piece

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1.what happened to sabo in one piece

Having been believed to have died during this incident, Sabo had in truth survived due to Dragon saving him, and he thus joined the Revolutionaries. He had lost most of his memories from that point forward but regained them upon learning of Ace’s death at Marineford. He currently has a bounty of 602,000,000.

2.what happened to sabo in one piece

Right now, very little is known about what happened to Sabo, but One Piece has dropped hints. For one, the World Government has done their best to quiet the news, but it was published by WEJ…

3.what happened to sabo in one piece

Judging from everyone’s reaction to Morgan’s newspaper in chapter 956, something bad has happened to Sabo. But according to us Sabo is not dead. Bringing a character back only to kill him off so soon would not make much sense. He most probably has been captured by the Marines and set for execution like Ace was.

4.what happened to sabo in one piece

Fans go bonkers as they’ve seen the spoilers with snapshots and translations by @sandman_AP. One of the major spoiler is the news released by “Big News” Morgans that Sabo is dead. Morgans is the president of World Economy News Paper or WENP, a major publishing company in One Piece world.

5.what happened to sabo in one piece

One of the main highlights of One Piece Chapter 956 is the reaction of the people who personally know Sabo. Upon reading the news, the Revolutionary Army leaders, Makino, and Sterry are shocked at what they learned about Sabo. There are lots of speculation going around whether if Sabo died, captured, or did something terrible.

6.what happened to sabo in one piece

The papers spread in the world like wildfire. It immediately reached the Revolutionary Army and East Blue from where Sabo was born. From the reactions of people with connection to Sabo, it is easy to presume that something bad happened to him. Many speculate that Sabo is dead.

7.what happened to sabo in one piece

The whole Dressrosa arc and struggle for Mera Mera no mi and inheriting Ace’s will would be meaningless if they did that. So what happened to Sabo, We know Sabo was fired up from the start of the Reverie to rescue Kuma. Before this chapter, the news on reverie regarding Sabo was that he had clashed with admirals to rescue Kuma as BB confirmed.

8.what happened to sabo in one piece

Oda revealed that things are going to be grim for Sabo, Boa Hancock and Vivi. … The year of the 20th anniversary of the One Piece TV series really hit us with all its fury. There have been tons of events, illustrations, films, the whole thing was jam-packed, huh! I would like to use this chance to seriously thank everyone who took the time to …

9.what happened to sabo in one piece

Sabo’s little craft was blown up by a celestial dragon, and everyone believed he was killed. However his unconscious body was rescued from the water by Dragon, who raised and trained him since then.

10.what happened to sabo in one piece

Sabo will appear in the coliseum that luffy is fighting. When luffy tries to escape the place sabe will appear and stop the enemy from chasing luffy and luffy will hug him and cry 1 0

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