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1what happened to scott on counting cars
Scott Jones first appeared on season 1 of the History Channel’s Counting Cars and went on to become a fan favorite with his in-your-face personality.He worked in Danny “Count” Koker’s Count’s Kustoms and often got into arguments with his boss.

2what happened to scott on counting cars
Counting Cars follows Danny and his employees as they acquire, restore. and modify cars and motorcycles in order to make a profit. During the first two seasons of Counting Cars , which premiered back in 2012, Scott was a key figure on the series — until he seemingly disappeared into thin air.

3what happened to scott on counting cars
What happened to Scott on Counting Cars? Scott was the shop manager and bookkeeper for Count’s Kustoms up until season three when he was replaced by Kevin Mack.

4what happened to scott on counting cars
Transcript. Greetings Counting Cars fans, we all can agree that Scott Jones, the former manager and bookkeeper of the shop, Count’s Kustoms was a vital part of the shop and show itself, even though he had a brash personality.. Scott Jones . Former Manager and Bookkeeper, Count’s Kustoms. And when he left the show after its second season, fans were confused as to why their favorite cast …

5what happened to scott on counting cars
Counting Cars debuted on August 13, 2012. Scott Jones – Scott was the manager of Count’s Kustoms, and Danny’s bookkeeper, who maintains an accounting of the money on each project to make sure that they are profitable.

6what happened to scott on counting cars
During the first and second seasons of Counting Cars, Scott Jones was a key figure, serving as a manager and bookkeeper at Count’s Kustoms.Then he left, receiving only a brief mention during the show’s third season. A firm reason for his departure was never given on the show, leading fans to wonder what happened.

7Counting Cars

While there have been many rumors about why Scott Jones left the show Counting Cars, it seems that the real reason was to open his own garage in Greenville, Tennessee. He seems to have left the …

8what happened to scott on counting cars
As another Pawn Stars spin-off, Counting Cars could have been a one season and done show. But, by the grace of the reality TV gods, it soldiered on and in June 2020, Season 9 premiered. There have been some changes throughout the years, however, including getting to know and then losing Roli Szabo when he left the show.

9what happened to scott on counting cars
What happened to Kevin on Counting Cars? Kevin’s absence from Counting Cars’ latest episode is unconfirmed. He took to Twitter just a few hours before the episode premiered and tweeted: “Counting Cars New Episode tonight 9/8c Only on History.” He also tagged the Twitter accounts of his co-stars on the show.

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1  Why did Scott Jones leave Counting Cars? Fired from Count’s Kustoms
Counting Cars star Scott Jones disappeared all of sudden leaving fans to wonder if he was fired from Count’s Kustoms. After appearing in the first season of the show, he became a fan favorite. He was the one who controlled the flow of projects and money within the show. Reportedly, he was accused of embezzlement and rest of the crew members …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcO9yrX03NE

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