what happened to the clones after order 66?

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1.what happened to the clones after order 66?

Because of that, they clones eventually retired or died off shortly after the Clone Wars (as depicted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) ended. After Order 66 caused the deaths of Jedi all over the galaxy and Palpatine became the Emperor, the need for clone troopers greatly decreased.

2.what happened to the clones after order 66?

Since that’s the last we see of Clone Force 99, it’s hard to say what their involvement in Order 66 consisted of. If they did carry out Order 66, due to Palpatine’s orders and the clone’s inhibitor…

3.what happened to the clones after order 66?

And given that the military is all the clones have ever really known, the vast majority of them would be spending pretty much their whole lives in military service to the Empire, and if/when they were no longer fit for active combat, they’d probably be “retired” to a more behind the scenes role within the army, such as training more troops and so on.

4.what happened to the clones after order 66?

Once Order 66 struck, many of the surviving clones became Imperial Stormtroopers. Could the Bad Batch, aka Clone Force 99, have become Task Force 99? Article continued on next page…

5.what happened to the clones after order 66?

When Darth Sidious tells the Clone Troopers to executive Order 66, the Army of the Grand Republic turns against the Jedi generals that had led it throughout the Clone Wars. The clones attempt to…

6.what happened to the clones after order 66?

[Star Wars] What happened to the clones after Order 66? Specifically right after they killed the Jedi. Most of them were in the middle of a battle. Did they get on with the fighting?

7.what happened to the clones after order 66?

Enslaved in thought and action after the dispatchment of Order 66, clones of the New Order were celebrated for their part in the eradication of the Jedi. The execution of Order 66 marked the destruction of the Jedi Order.

8.what happened to the clones after order 66?

The chips were, in fact, created to compel the clone troopers to execute Order 66 —a secret protocol that authorized the destruction of the Jedi Order. The Kaminoans presented the combat-ready clone troopers to Obi-Wan Kenobi, a representative of the Jedi Order. Each clone trooper had an identifying code inserted in his left wrist.

9.what happened to the clones after order 66?

Star Wars: What Happened To Commander Cody After Executing Order 66 Commander Cody went on to serve the Galactic Empire for years after Palpatine’s Order 66 turned the clone troopers against the Jedi. By K.J. Kim Sep 06, 2020

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1  What Happened to the Clones After Order 66 – Star Wars Explained
For all sponsorship and business inquiries please contact: Donate to Help Improve Frequency and Quality of Content: What happened to the clone troopers after the clone wars? In this video we explain both the canon and legends explanation for the ultimate fate of the clone troopers …
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1.List of Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes

in the fictional Star Wars galaxy, during the three-year interim between Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (the same…

2.Ahsoka Tano

to Lucas that she instead remain expelled; Lucas agreed. Lucas believed Ahsoka survived Order 66, the command that led the Republic’s clone army to murder…

3.Cal Kestis

Palpatine initiated Order 66, turning all the clone troops against the Jedi including Cal Kestis and Jaro Tapal. Tapal, being able to sense the betrayal of his…

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