what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

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1.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

Deadliest Catch just entered its 15th season, but one staple fishing boat from seasons’ past has been noticeably MIA—the Time Bandit. The commercial fishing boat, which is currently being auctioned off, had been run by Captain Johnathan Hillstrand and his brothers.

2.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel has thrilled us throughout 16 seasons with veterans in the high-stakes crab fishing profession.There are the fishermen’s names without whom Deadliest Catch isn’t the same, but there are also the iconic fishing vessels that are legendary.Time Bandit is the commercial fishing boat that loyal viewers have seen on the show since season 2.

3.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

Deadliest Catch fans are starting to notice something pretty big happening on social media. The F/V Time Bandit is out of retirement. According to Neal Hillstrand’s new wife Sugayle Geissler, the F/V Time Bandit was in Homer, Alaska. Neal Hillstrand, the youngest of the three brothers has been filming Facebook Livestreams.

4.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

The Deadliest Catch is a show on Discovery channel that showcases how the experienced crab fishermen who are aboard mighty fishing vehicles aka F/V sail through harsh weather conditions to catch crabs during the crab season. One of the mightiest fishing vehicles named The Time Bandit was featured in many of the show’s seasons. Till now, 16 seasons of The Deadliest Catch have been aired.

5.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

What happened to the Time Bandit? Johnathan mysteriously disappeared after series 13 of the Deadliest Catch. In a Twitter post on October 13th, 2018, the Time Bandit revealed that he would have to miss the fishing season after his boat’s engine had blown up.

6.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

Next big news on the Hillstrands was in March 2019, when it was reported that the Deadliest Catch stars put the Time Bandit up for sale. They had listed the fishing boat with Dock Street Brokers for $2,888,888. Former Deadliest Catch Boat Unrecognizable

7.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

However, one noticeably missing ship from the show is fan-favorite boat, the Time Bandit, and viewers are questioning why it no longer appears on Deadliest Catch ? What happened to the Time Bandit? To recap, the ship’s owners, the Hillstrand brothers — Neal, Johnathan, and Andy — left reality television life behind after Season 13.

8.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

The Deadliest Catch community is no stranger to sudden death. In 2010, Captain Phil Harris succumbed to complications from a stroke captured on camera in Season 6. Then, in 2011, just a year after Harris’ passing, Time Bandit deckhand Justin Tennison (left) passed away at the age of 33 in an Alaskan hotel.

9.what happened to the time bandit on deadliest catch

Justin Tennison, a deckhand on Deadliest Catch‘s Time Bandit, was found dead in a Homer, Alaska, hotel room on Feb. 22, 2011 — four days after he returned from the sea. He was 33. He was 33.

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