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1.What happened to zubin

What happened to Zubin Mehenti? Mehenti may not return to the show. According to Outkick, ESPN are considering replacing Mehenti with Hahn on a permanent basis. ESPN Radio’s year-on-year ratings declined by more than half during fall 2020, which may encourage the broadcaster’s chiefs to make a change.

2.What happened to zubin

Zubin Mehenti recently learned he has diabetes. Burack speculates that moving back to SportsCenter could be a more manageable for both Mehenti and ESPN. The network declined comment, but Alan Hahn is expected to get serious consideration for the role on a full time basis. He has filled in for Zubin Mehenti fairly regularly lately.

3.What happened to zubin

Zubin Mehenti was diagnosed with diabetes recently. Fans are concerned about his illness and praying for his quick recovery. What happened? Zubin is a familiar face to everyone. He is a renowned television personality and journalist. He currently works for ESPN as a SportsCenter anchor. He is a regular radio co-host of Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin.

4.What happened to zubin

What happened to Zubin ESPN? Zubin Mehenti update. Unfortunately, there have been no reports of why Zubin has not been on the show in the past few weeks. None of the co-hosts on the show has mentioned anything about his absence as well. However, fans are beginning to worry, especially because Zubin’s co-host, Keyshawn Johnson, recently took a …

5.What happened to zubin

What happened to zubin on espn. 14/05/2021 · ESPN Radio host Zubin Mehenti hasn’t been heard for a while and fans are beginning to wonder where he’s gone. Here’s everything we know about the sports presenter and his ongoing absence. 2 Zubin Mehenti, 42, is the regular host of Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin Credit: ESPN.

6.What happened to zubin

Zubin has been absent from the show for two weeks now, and his fellow co-host Keyshawn Johnson also had to temporarily step down from his role as host following the death of his daughter, Mia.. In the aftermath of Zubin’s absence, social media users have started to wonder what happened to the host and whether he’s planning to return to the show at any point in the future.

7.What happened to zubin

However, Zubin’s status is a little more uncertain. The third part of the trio, Zubin Mehenti, hasn’t been on the show for months. Fans have grown concerned over his welfare, given his recent absences. According to reports, the presenter has been away because he was recently diagnosed with diabetes. His absence is thought to be linked to that.

8.What happened to zubin

What happened to Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin now? Did the ESPN Radio show hire new hosts? For the past three weeks, Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin has featured only one-third of its original lineup with Jay Williams being the only regular on the show.Williams is now often joined by Alan Hahn and the duo often invite guests on their platform to engage in discussions.

9.What happened to zubin

Zubin’s co-host Keyshawn Johnson temporarily stepped down from his presenting duties after the tragic death of his daughter Maia. Twitter reactions It’s safe to say that many people are confused and worried about Zubin’s prolonged absence since there hasn’t been any explanation from the presenter or the radio station.

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