What happened when eve ate the apple

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1.What happened when eve ate the apple

Eve never ate an “apple.” Apples are a New World fruit that didn’t exist in the middle east. Eve ate a “forbidden fruit” (whatever it was) and this caused trouble because Adam and Eve were directed never to eat that “fruit.” This caused them to be banished from the garden.

2.What happened when eve ate the apple

From that time on people began to associate the apple with the fruit which Eve ate. But Eve did not eat the fruit of the apple tree—she ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Because Eve, and consequently Adam, disobeyed God’s Word, we are still suffering the consequences.

3.What happened when eve ate the apple

After consuming the apple, Adam and Eve were banished from the sacred garden, and sent to the outside world. They had committed a sin against God, by not only disobeying his commandment, but by wanting to be gods themselves.

4.What happened when eve ate the apple

1 Timothy 2:13-14 repeats that Eve was deceived in that she did not understand that she was sinning when she ate the fruit. She was not only deceived; she did not stop to consider what she was doing. For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve.

5.What happened when eve ate the apple

Theology refers to this incident as the ‘fall of man’ as, against God’s will, he ate the fruit that allowed him to distinguish good from evil.

6.What happened when eve ate the apple

The opening chapters of the Bible tell us that when God created our first parents — Adam and Eve — they lived in a perfect world. And not only was the world perfect, but their relationship with God was perfect also. But God warned them not to eat the fruit of one particular tree, because if they did, death would come upon the human race.

7.What happened when eve ate the apple

Death Was Spiritual Some interpreters contend that Adam and Eve did die when they ate the forbidden fruit, but their death was spiritual, not physical. The main idea behind death is separation. The death that Adam and Eve experienced when they ate the forbidden fruit was immediate separation from God.

8.What happened when eve ate the apple

There is no record in the Bible that Adam and Eve ate an apple, they ate the fruit of knowledge of good and bad. Afterwards, they died spiritually, which was separated from God. They were afraid to face God, they hide themselves from God. They obviously died physically eventually.

9.What happened when eve ate the apple

Because Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the Lord sent them out of the Garden of Eden into the world. Their physical condition changed as a result of their eating the forbidden fruit. As God had promised, they became mortal. They and their children would experience sickness, pain, and physical death.

10.What happened when eve ate the apple

Eve saw that the fruit looked like food and was pleasing to the eye, and in her desire to gain wisdom apart from God, she took the fruit ate it and handed some to her husband, who was standing…

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1  Eve ate the apple
Eve ate the apple
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