What is a schuss?

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1.What is a schuss?

Schuss definition is – to ski directly down a slope at high speed.

2.What is a schuss?

intr.v. schussed, schuss·ing, schuss·es 1. To make a fast straight downhill run on skis or a snowboard. 2.

3.What is a schuss?

a straight downhill run at high speed. verb (used without object) to execute a schuss. verb (used with object)

4.What is a schuss?

Schuss (German for ‘shot’) was the first (then unofficial) mascot of the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, featuring a stylized cartoon character wearing skis. Schuss was seen on pins and small toys. Afterwards, every Olympic Games has had a mascot (excluding the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan).

5.What is a schuss?

Definition of Schuss in the dictionary. Meaning of Schuss. What does Schuss mean? Information and translations of Schuss in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

6.What is a schuss?

What is a schuss? An extremely cowardly person A high-speed downhill ski An abnormally quiet room A very small cute animal. Answer: The correct answer is A high-speed downhill ski. For more trivia questions, please subscribe us. Email :* Categories Question-Answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published.

7.What is a schuss?

intr.v. schussed, schuss·ing, schuss·es 1. To make a fast straight downhill run on skis or a snowboard. 2.

8.What is a schuss?

English words for Schuss include shot, weft, ball, gunshot, dash, round, kick, touch, woof and schuss. Find more German words at!

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1.Schuss gets assist in Leclaire breaking his goal-scoring record at Ohio State

Tre Leclaire took Logan Schuss’s advice to join the Ohio State University Buckeyes and now he’s taken Schuss’s spot atop the field lacrosse program’s all-time goal scoring list. Leclaire’s first-quarter tally Saturday at Ohio Stadium against the Maryland Terrapins in a 16-8 loss was the 148th of his Buckeye career and one better than Schuss totalled from 2010-13 when he set the then-mark for the NCAA squad.

Published Date: 2021-03-22T23:06:07.0000000Z

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Director of Snowsports, Steve Kershner, and CEO, Pete Bigford, discuss snowmaking, open terrain, and Schuss Mountain being 100% open!
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[citation needed] The Berliner Weisse mit Schuss is made from a light Weißbier (wheat beer) mixed with a Schuss (shot) of sweet syrup instead of soda. It…

2.Alicia Witt

Fortune’s Teen Week beginning Sept 3. Klady, Leonard (January 31, 1994). "Schussing over highs and lows of Sundance". Variety. Archived from the original…

3.Blue Mountain (ski resort)

two sleds pulled up the hill by a cable running on the ground and powered by a truck engine, serving three runs, "Schuss", "Granny" and "Kandahar’. At the…

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