What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

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1.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Find 4 ways to say HYPOCORISTIC, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world’s most trusted free thesaurus.

2.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Synonyms for hypocoristic include pet name, moniker, nickname, epithet, name, byname, handle, sobriquet, endearment and hypocorism. Find more similar words at …

3.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Synonyms for hypocoristic in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for hypocoristic. 1 synonym for hypocorism: pet name. What are synonyms for hypocoristic?

4.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Another way to say Hypocoristic? Synonyms for Hypocoristic (other words and phrases for Hypocoristic).

5.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

What is a synonym for hypocoristic? Now, clean-ness, or neat-ness, is one of the elements that make hypocoristic terms (or terms of endearment) applicable. OPUSCULA ROBERT GORDON LATHAM. SYNONYM OF THE DAY MAY 27, 2021. Choose the synonym for messy. disheveled.

6.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Synonyms for hypocorism include nickname, pet name, sobriquet, diminutive, hypocoristic, affectionate name, handle, moniker, endearment and epithet. Find more similar …

7.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Hypocoristic definition, endearing, as a pet name, diminutive, or euphemism. See more.

8.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

‘When one needs to call a young child, the hypocoristic form of the mother’s name is used, e.g. ishaVeneth ‘Little Beneth’.’ ‘There is an infinite number of hypocoristic terms: anybody can either invent a new word or attribute a new affectionate meaning to a word.’

9.What is a synonym for “hypocoristic”?

Define hypocoristic. hypocoristic synonyms, hypocoristic pronunciation, hypocoristic translation, English dictionary definition of hypocoristic. n. 1. A name of endearment; a pet name. 2. The use of such names. hy′po·co·ris′tic adj. & n. hy′po·co·ris′ti·cal·ly adv. American Heritage® Dictionary of…

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The present paper concentrates on the use of these types of words in English. The Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary (henceforth the HTOED) serves as a valuable tool to identify the plethora of terms of endearment which became …

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1  Nickname Meaning
Video shows what nickname means. A familiar, invented given name for a person or thing used instead of the actual name of the person or thing.. A kind of byname that describes a person by a characteristic of that person.. nickname synonyms: handle, hypocoristic, moniker, nick, sobriquet, pet name, antonomasia, byname, cognomen. nickname …
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(sometimes called hypocoristic names) are informal names used mostly between friends. The distinction between proper names and common names is that proper names…

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alternatives for reference purposes. In a few cases, long and short standard forms are listed, intended for texts where that gloss is rare or common. For interlinear…

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