What is an octothorpe?

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1What is an octothorpe?
Octothorpe definition is – the symbol #. Did You Know?

2What is an octothorpe?
Also called a hash, number sign, or pound sign, the octothorpe is the typographical symbol “#” (two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, crossed).. On US QWERTY keyboards, the # symbol appears on the same key as the number 3. It can be typed by holding Shift and pressing the “3” key.

3What is an octothorpe?
Define octothorpe. octothorpe synonyms, octothorpe pronunciation, octothorpe translation, English dictionary definition of octothorpe. n. The symbol . – The pound key on a keyboard or keypad is technically an octothorpe. See also related terms for keyboard.

4What is an octothorpe?
Noun []. octothorpe (plural octothorpes) (chiefly US, typography) The hash or square symbol (), used mainly in telephony and computing.1973, U.S patent application ser. no. 05/422,816 (filed Dec. 3 1973), issued as patent no. 3,920,926 (Nov. 18, 1975), Telephone Data Set Including Visual Display Means, col. 3 (first published use of the word) …

5What is an octothorpe?
octothorpe definition: nounThe symbol (#).Origin of octothorpe Coined in the 1960s by researchers at Bell Telephone Laboratories octo- ( probably in reference to the eight endpoints of the lines in the symbol ) -thorpe (perhaps from thorp in refer…

6What is an octothorpe?
4: The octothorpe. It’s the official name for the # symbol, but what does it mean? It’s actually a made-up word, invented in the same laboratories where the telephone came from. The scientists at Bell Laboratories modified the telephone keypad in the early 1960s and added the # symbol to send instructions to the telephone operating system.

7Number sign

Octothorp, octothorpe, octathorp, octatherp Most scholars believe the word was invented by workers at the Bell Telephone Laboratories by 1968, who needed a word for the symbol on the telephone keypad. Don MacPherson is said to have created the word by combining octo and the last name of Jim Thorpe, an Olympic medalist.

8What is an octothorpe?
octothorp (ˈɒktəˌθɔːp) n 1. (Mathematics) a symbol that is used in printing, in mathematics and, commonly, on a telephone keypad; it consists of two horizontal lines, one above the other, with two diagonal lines, one beside the other, through them. Also called: hash sign 2. (Telecommunications) a symbol that is used in printing, in mathematics …

9What is an octothorpe?
Octothorpe is just one of a plethora of names for the symbol. In the US it’s often called the pound key, because it has long been used to mark numbers related to weight, or for similar reasons the number sign, which is one of its internationally agreed names.

10What is an octothorpe?
…An octothorpe, also spelled ‘octothorp’, is the # sign on a keypad. It’s gone around the globe by many names, such as hashtag, number sign, and pound symbol. No one knows for certain how it began, but most agree it originated in the 1960s among various telephone workers.

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1Number sign
in apartment addresses, where it precedes the floor number. Octothorp, octothorpe, octathorp, octatherp Most scholars believe the word was invented by workers…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number sign

2C Sharp (programming language)
"After Java and C# – what is next?". Retrieved June 18, 2013. Klaus Kreft and Angelika Langer (July 3, 2003). "After Java and C# – what is next?". artima.com…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C Sharp (programming language)

technology to highlight a special meaning. (The symbol is also called an "octothorpe" or "pound sign" in the US, and "hash" in the UK) In 1970, for example…