What is Civilian Tactical Training?

Flight or fight? It is one of the primary questions whenever undesirable life and death adrenaline filled scenarios happen. But the thing is you cannot always fly when you cannot fight. Some situations cave you in, and you have nowhere to go; it’s all or nothing.

And, as a person, survival will always be at the top priority regardless of how tumbled-down your everyday life is. So, suppose living is on your significant list considering the present SHTF scenarios hitting any part of the world right now. In that case, it is necessary to undergo Tactical Training Class for Civilians.

If you still don’t know what Civilian Tactical Training (CTT) is, worry not. This article will help you make your way to better understanding the meaning, importance, dangers of not being trained in this class as a civilian.

What is Civilian Tactical Training?

If you are thinking about boot camp-like training, then you are right! However, unlike the standard military training that lasts for weeks, the civilian tactical training course can be finished in a matter of hours. In this class, you gain an abundance of skills and develop your holistic well-being to become equipped in life-threatening situations.

Personal self-defense techniques, firearms training, danger awareness, and survival techniques are some of the few inclusions in the course. Individuals can acquire CTT courses through video pieces of training online or find a school that offers one.

This class will instill a great combination of theoretical combat, physical readiness, and mental stability to adhere to various situations alongside proper skills. Provided that unlikely things happen when we least expect them, CTT class helps ordinary people to handle this kind of instance armed or unarmed. It is a type of training that made its necessity known to society after the 9/11 bombing, where civilians comprise the larger piece of the pie in the fatality rate.

Imagine finding yourself and your family in the middle of a terrorist attack. What will you do? No faint of heart or unskillful individual would be able to get out of this SHTF setting. Thus, CTT is for self-survival and for those who have children, sick, and old family members to tend to.

Five Importance of Tactical Training Class for Civilians

Signing up for a CTT course involves commitment and great passion since it will not come in handy, especially for those who do not have a background in strenuous physical and mental activities. However, fulfillment and being equipped awaits you by the time you finish the sessions. There is a long list of benefits CTT can offer, and we list down the top five for you.

1. Training of physical and mental aspect of civilians

The mental part of a person creates direction and plans for the physical body to obey. However, possessing a stable strategic plan, well-controlled emotions, and a great sense of order will not suffice. If the mind is able, but the body cannot handle stressful activities that the brain commands, everything will go down to the pit.

Thus, combining both a sound mind and a strong body is the top priority of the training. These are the two primary keys to survivalism in the real world. The internship serves as the pillar of grit and passion for continuing regardless of the struggles during the training.

2. Acquiring essential skills in case of emergencies

As mentioned in the early part of this article, the worst scenarios hit when they are least expected. And, having to attend the CTT course will structure yourself to acquire readiness and short reaction time in case of emergencies. Yet, it is vital to understand that preparedness is a pre-situation undertaking.

Hence, the Civilian Class Training has not only focused on the individual but also on the necessary activities they must do before, during, and after the undesirable situation. Note that it is not a one-time shot, and you will possess the plethora of skills needed to survive. It is continuous learning that requires a willing person involved.

3. Gaining awareness of surroundings

There will always be hints and warnings provided by the environment and surroundings when unlikely things are supposed to happen. CTT will help people to recognize such alarms and preventive measures in advance. During the training, being controlled and proactive is crucial to increase the chance of living.

4. Having peace of mind

Knowing that you are well trained and getting the necessary skills to survive will provide you peace of mind. Having a deep sleep every night, saving yourself from sinking in unnecessary overthinking is priceless. The confidence that the tactical training provides defines its necessity among all other activities.

5. Higher chance of survival and having the ability to protect your loved ones

In choosing the level of difficulty of the training, start from the fundamentals. Evaluate yourself first to know where you will start, then gradually find your way up to increase expertise in every aspect of the training. It is also vital to consider the persons needing your help in the household.

Moreover, if you have additional capable individuals in the family, encourage them to attend the training with you to alleviate the burden during the situation. It is better if children are also enrolled in self-defense classes to stand for themselves whenever danger comes, and you are not around as an adult to protect them.

Essential skills acquired from Tactical Training Class for Civilians


One of the primary characteristics that tactical training provides to students is leadership. Being able to take charge is essential not only in crises but also in situations when no one cannot. It also means practicing accountability and responsibility for yourself and other people. Finally, being a leader is serving as a voice to those who cannot stand for themselves.

Staying calm and rational during emergencies

Panic and rattling cause no benefits during dangerous conditions. Instead, everything will go down to the worst. Furthermore, it lessens the chance of survival since you might take useless and irrational steps. The tactical training helps individuals to remain calm, practice rational decision-making, and be proactive during emergencies.

Mental fortitude

Confidence radiates bravery and courage. Hence, self-reliance springs out from knowing that you are endowed with the requisite skills provided by the tactical training class.


Learning is always a process. It is not an overnight job to wake up competent the following day. However, the tactical training endures individuals with this kind of skill to stay on track during the training and avoid landing on hasty options when faced with a desperate life-threatening set of circumstances.

Knowledge of different military terms and procedure

Military jargons or terminologies help them to create a swift flow of communication. As a civilian, it is necessary to know the essential words utilized regularly by militaries during attacks to report your location, call for help, adhere to drill commands, and relay whether there are casualties or your safety. In other words, tactical training is considered military training for civilians that practice a private and robust flow of communication which above all is the most crucial.

Self-defense techniques

In the tactical training classes, you will learn self-defense. It can be in the form of martial arts such as judo and karate. These skills are beneficial most especially when you are alone traversing a dark narrow street at night. Knowing to defend yourself unarmed will lessen the chance of being abducted or kidnapped by strangers.

Firearm handling

Guns or any firearms are not toys or must not be taken lightly. The training provides proper handling, storage, and maintenance. According to Rowhani-Rahbar et al. (2018), sixty-one percent of the firearm owner population in the U.S.received formal training in firearm safety and use. Even though there is no existing law that firearm owners should have appropriate training, firearms stores require this from buyers most of the time. Good thing that you already have this expertise from the tactical training class. Since there is no point in acquiring a gun if you don’t know how to handle one

Call the tune!

The safest place on earth only exists in fiction movies. No underground cellars nor a basement can protect us from unexpected attacks. Believing there is will only deviate us from making an effort to gain self-reliance.

One of the truths in life is that its uncertainty is certain. Yet, similar things in the past are bound to happen in a different time frame. There come times where people are against people, and innocent lives have to pay the price. However, regardless of the rocks of adversity thrown by life at you, it is essential to acknowledge that you are in control of the present and the future to come.

Please bear in mind that only you and your readiness have the power to create yourself and your loved ones a safe place on earth. When things go topsy-turvy, call the shots. Consider attending a tactical training class for civilians and start learning more about prepping.

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