What is stored in a camel’s hump?

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­­No — a camel’s hump is a giant mound of fat, actually.In a healthy, well-fed camel, the hump can weigh as much as 80 pounds (35 kilograms)!­ Human beings and most animals store­ their fat mixed in with muscle tissue or in a layer right beneath the skin. Camels are the only animals with a hump.


Most people think that they store water for when they cross the desert.a camel’s hump is a giant mound of fat, actually. In a healthy, well-fed camel, the hump can weigh as much as 80 pounds (35 …


Camels do not store water in their humps, as it is commonly believed. The humps are actually reservoirs of fatty tissue. Concentrating body fat in their humps minimizes heat-trapping insulation …

4What is stored in a camel’s hump?
Refueling and a good night’s sleep will return the hump to its upright position. Meantime, a camel can drink up to 20 gallons of water at a time, if there is any water around. Follow Life’s …

5What is stored in a camel’s hump?
A hump is a camel’s energy storage. Camels store energy in their humps for the times when food sources get scarce. Whenever a desert dries out or a harsh winter kills the vegetation in the sandy lands, their only hope is the fat that they stored in their humps.


First, it can be ascertained that the camel’s hump is not in fact filled with water, simply by cutting into it. Such action would reveal that the hump is in fact composed mostly of fat. Yet, this could still suggest that the hump acts as a water store.

7What is stored in a camel’s hump?
The hump is not used for water storage, but camels can go for long periods of time without water. They drink large amounts of water – up to 20 gallons at a time. This water is stored in the animal’s bloodstream. Camels halting in the desert, Holy Land. Detroit Publishing Company, between 1890 and 1900.


A camel is an even-toed ungulate in the genus Camelus that bears distinctive fatty deposits known as “humps” on its back. Camels have long been domesticated and, as livestock, they provide food (milk and meat) and textiles (fiber and felt from hair).Camels are working animals especially suited to their desert habitat and are a vital means of transport for passengers and cargo.


The camel’s humps also help the animal regulate its body temperature, an important feature in the desert, where temperatures can be extremely high during the day and drop drastically at night. By concentrating fatty tissue in humps on their backs, camels are able to minimize heat insulation throughout the rest of their body during the day when the temperature is high, and their body …


As the camel’s body metabolizes or uses up the humps’ stored fat, the hump becomes smaller and flabbier. So the longer the camel goes without eating, the smaller its hump gets. The size of a camel’s hump helps determine a camel’s health, food sources, and overall well-being.

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