What is the longest river in the U.S.?

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1.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Mississippi drainage basin includes the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers, the two longest main-stem rivers in the United States, as well as 18 more of the rivers on this list. The Mississippi main stem is highlighted in dark blue. Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap

2.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

According to the USGS, Missouri River stretches for 2,341 miles from source to mouth the river beats out the Mississippi River as the longest river in the US. The river starts flowing from the Rocky Mountains in Western Montana and drains into the Mississippi River. The earliest commercial use of the river was during the fur trade.

3.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

The Wisconsin River is the longest river that is entirely within Wisconsin, though its source is a lake that is partially in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. See also List of rivers of Wisconsin. Wyoming. Snake River – 1,078 miles (1,735 km) Green River – 730 miles (1,170 km) North Platte River – 716 miles (1,152 km)

4.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

South Red River (Red River) – one of the longest rivers of the US, is one of the largest tributaries of the Mississippi. His name was given because of the clay land in the watershed of the river. The length of the Red River is about 2190 kilometers. It was formed from the merger of two small rivers in Texas.

5.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

5 – Colorado River (Estimated Length: 1,450 Miles) Wiki Info: Known for its dramatic canyons, whitewater rapids, and eleven U.S. National Parks, the Colorado River system is a vital source of water for 40 million people in southwestern North America. The river and its tributaries are controlled by an extensive system of dams, reservoirs, and …

6.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

What is the longest river in the U.S.? Mississippi River. Rio Grande. Colorado River. Missouri River. Answer: The correct answer is Missouri River. Categories Question-Answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name. Post navigation.

7.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

The Columbia River basin extends across seven US states and one Canadian province, covering a total area of 258,000 square miles, which is slightly large than France. Snake River . The Snake River is the second longest river in Washington and covers a distance of 1,078 miles. It is the largest tributary of the Columbia River.

8.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

Second-longest and largest river in the world, undammed as well as unbridged, does not form a delta while joining the sea due to adequate thrust of river water to overcome the sea water wave and tidal thrusts. 1 Lena River: 4,472 km (2,779 mi) 2,500,000 km 2 (970,000 sq mi)

9.What is the longest river in the U.S.?

Determining the world’s longest river is not an easy task. Although for most of us, the answer would be the Nile River, there is a section of scholars who regard the Amazon River as the true winner of this title. The difficulty in declaring a unanimous winner lies in the fact that the determination of the headwaters or the origin of a river is often quite challenging.

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