What is traveling in basketball

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1.What is traveling in basketball

In basketball, traveling is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball moves one or both their feet illegally. Traveling is also called, predominantly in a streetball game, “walking” or “steps”. If the pivot foot is lifted, a pass or try for made basket must be made before the pivot foot is replaced to the floor.

2.What is traveling in basketball

Traveling is a violation in basketball in which the player in control of the ball, but not dribbling, makes an illegal move with their feet. A traveling violation results in a turnover, which means that the ball is awarded to the other team.

3.What is traveling in basketball

In the NBA, traveling is a gray area. Officials, or when trying to decipher a walk, detectives, are put in a tough position to make these calls. Guys like Houston Rockets guard James Harden and Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, who manipulate the rules to their advantage, toy refs into blowing their whistle. So…

4.What is traveling in basketball

What Is The Definition Of Traveling In Basketball? 1. This is a violation in basketball when the player who is holding the basketball moves one or both of their feet illegally. The most common way a player gets called for traveling is when they are holding the ball after picking up their dribble and they move their pivot foot.

5.What is traveling in basketball

Traveling is one of the most common — and misunderstood — rules in all of basketball. The travel rule is intended to prevent players from gaining an advantage by moving with the ball without dribbling.

6.What is traveling in basketball

Traveling. Steps. Walking. Does the violation even exist in the basketball rule book any longer?

7.What is traveling in basketball

NBA passes new traveling rules to define ‘gather step’ Share this article 86 shares share tweet text email link Erik García Gundersen. September 20, 2019 3:51 pm. While the headline of the day in the NBA was the unanimous passing of increased fines, as well as investigative powers at the disposal of the league to combat tampering, perhaps the …

8.What is traveling in basketball

Walking/Traveling. Taking more than ‘a step and a half’ without dribbling the ball is traveling. Moving your pivot foot once you’ve stopped dribbling is traveling. Carrying/palming. When a player dribbles the ball with his hand too far to the side of or, sometimes, even under the ball. Double Dribble. Dribbling the ball with both hands on the …

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1  Traveling | Basketball
In this video, learn how traveling is committed and penalized in a basketball game and how you can avoid it! Check out our other basketball videos for more great tips! Check out the full program: Discover everything you need to know about traveling with this short video, based on the …
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1.Traveling (basketball)

In basketball, traveling is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball moves one or both their feet illegally. Traveling is also…


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