What kind of plants are these?

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1.What kind of plants are these?

Plants with seeds are all kinds of flowering plants, cycads (palm-like plants with cones), conifers (such as spruce, firs, pines, junipers and cedars), and ginko. Flowering plants produce seeds that are protected within their fruit. These fruits can be soft fruits such as apples, oranges, or berries, or they can be hard like all types of nuts.

2.What kind of plants are these?

Not only for flowers, but some plants are famous for their stunning leaves. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Her e are some of the best types of indoor plants with stunning foliage.. Polka Dot Plant: Its pink leaves have lovely, dark green patches. Coleus: The leaves of Coleus looks like a color-filled palette.; Nerve Plant: Its pink-green foliage comes with beautiful markings.

3.What kind of plants are these?

Identify plants and flowers when you upload a picture or take a photo with your phone. Learn the scientific names and different varieties, and find similar flora.

4.What kind of plants are these?

These plant experts share the 11 best indoor plants that are easy to care for and best at purifying the air. … The answers will help you figure out what type of plants can thrive in your space.

5.What kind of plants are these?

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6.What kind of plants are these?

“Stachys byzantina (syn. S. lanata; Lamb’s-ear or Lamb’s Ear) is a species of Stachys, native to Turkey, Armenia, and Iran.[1][2] It is cultivated over much of the temperate world as an ornamental plant, and is naturalised in some locations as an escape from gardens. Plants are very often found under the synonym Stachys lanata or Stachys olympica.”

7.What kind of plants are these?

These tiny bulbs, which you plant in fall for spring blooms, naturalize themselves quite easily, so you start with a few and end up with a whole swath of grape hyacinths in a few years!

8.What kind of plants are these?

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Crystal, It looks like a dish garden with multiple plants. The tallest plants seems to be a type of parlor palm. However, to identify the other plants I need a close up picture of each one. If you intend to keep all the plants together in the dish garden, I would place it in a medium light location and …

9.What kind of plants are these?

Plants make excellent privacy screens because they can block noise and unsightly views while also adding color, texture and seasonal interest that only gets better with each growing season. Read on to learn about the plant types that work best for privacy and how you can use them in your landscape.

10.What kind of plants are these?

Some of these plants work best in pots and planters since this allows you to easily move the plants around your home. On the other hand, other plants work better in the garden since they repel multiple types of insects (and therefore they work as a natural insecticide for your garden bed).

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1  What kind of plants are these?
I have two house plants (Jack u0026 Arthur, respectively…. Hey, stop laughing!) and I don’t know what they are. After a bit of research, the closest I came to identifying Jack (via Internet photos) was that he may be a member of the Cordyline species(?) but I’m not sure. Just want to make sure they’re properly cared for.
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