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1.  Fessenden oscillator
an underwater telegraph, sending Morse code through the water. The Fessenden underwater signalling apparatus, or more usually just "The Fessenden", was… oscillator

2.  Reginald Fessenden
Reginald Aubrey Fessenden (October 6, 1866 – July 22, 1932) was a Canadian-born inventor, who did a majority of his work in the United States and also… Fessenden

3.  Submarine signals
by the Fessenden oscillator, a transducer, after its invention by Reginald Fessenden with development starting in 1912 at the Submarine Signal Company… signals

4.  Sonar
on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. In that test, Fessenden demonstrated depth sounding, underwater communications (Morse code) and echo ranging (detecting…

5.  Underwater acoustics
sonar, transduction, acoustic signal processing, acoustical oceanography, bioacoustics, and physical acoustics. Underwater sound has probably been used… acoustics

6.  Wireless telegraphy
This problem was solved by Reginald Fessenden in 1901. In his "heterodyne" receiver, the incoming radiotelegraph signal is mixed in the receiver’s detector… telegraphy

7.  Telegraphy
for railway signalling, Cooke was rejected several times in favour of the more familiar, but shorter range, steam-powered pneumatic signalling. Even when…

8.  Submarine communications cable
and he believed that it would be useful in the fabrication of surgical apparatus. Michael Faraday and Wheatstone soon discovered the merits of gutta-percha… communications cable

9.  Electrical telegraph
of some other Electrical Apparatus was the first published work on electric telegraphy and even described the risk of signal retardation due to induction… telegraph

10.  Camille Tissot
built apparatus for radio experiments with the assistance of E. Branly and of the manufacturer Eugene Ducretet for whom later he will develop apparatus. On… Tissot