What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?

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1What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
Step 2 : Answer to the question “What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”? Kentucky – The Hot Brown was created at Louisville’s Brown Hotel in the 1920s. The Jazz Age regularly saw hotel guests partying into the late hours of the night, but all that dancing worked up an appetite.

2Hot Brown

A Hot Brown sandwich (sometimes known as a Louisville Hot Brown or Kentucky Hot Brown) is an American hot sandwich originally created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, by Fred K. Schmidt in 1926.It is a variation of traditional Welsh rarebit and was one of two signature sandwiches created by chefs at the Brown Hotel shortly after its founding in 1923.

3Kentucky Hot Brown

However, the history behind The Hot Brown dish had me intrigued. The History of The Hot Brown. The Brown Hotel in Louisville made this dish famous in the 1920s. After a typical roaring 20’s dance party, hotel patrons would drift over to the hotel restaurant in the early hours of the morning in search for something to eat.

4What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
The most famous dish is cabrito, goat cooked slowly over the embers of a wood fire for about eight hours and served with charros (pinto beans stewed with bacon and onion). As in many of the northern states, dried meat called machaca is popular here; it’s often mixed with scrambled eggs and served for breakfast.

5Hot Brown

Created in 1920’s the Hot Brown became the most famous dish in Louisville. You can find here the recipe, and clips of famous TV shows featuring the Hot Brown.

6What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
Residents of the state take this dish – often swimming under a pond of peppery gravy – so seriously the legislature included it as part of the Official Oklahoma State Meal back in 1988. While the origins of the dish are difficult to track, many connect it to German immigrants coming to the region because of the similarities of chicken fried steak and schnitzel.

7What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
The Hot Brown, still available daily at the Brown Hotel, has its own webpage, which includes the original recipe. It remains popular enough in restaurants across the commonwealth that it has …

8What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
Also known as Taylor Ham; a lightly smoked and cured pork product; usually eaten on a roll as a sandwich: Pudding corn: Multiple Southern United States and Appalachia: Also known as corn pudding. A savory, baked casserole made with corn kernels (and sometimes cornmeal), eggs, cream or milk, and other ingredients. Usually served as a side dish.

9What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
The Chicken And Dumplings Are An Iconic, Must-Order Dish At Baker’s Restaurant In Maryland. Who doesn’t love some hearty comfort food every once in a while? The following restaurant is full of filling food, especially when it comes to the chicken and dumplings. This savory dish is a local favorite and you’ll want to try it yourself.

10What state is famous for a dish called a “Hot Brown”?
One popular dish is the doi machh, which is Bengali fish curry with rice. Other well-known delicacies include the sandesh, daab jhingri (a special mustard prawn curry), rasgulla and mishti doi. 7 …

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1  Today s Special—The Hot Brown | Kentucky Life | KET
The Hot Brown is a true Kentucky original, and the recipe for this ultimate in warm, satisfying comfort food is featured on menus across the world. What goes into the making of Kentucky’s signature dish? We visit the kitchen of Louisville’s Brown Hotel, where this classic originated more than 80 years ago. Here’s the back story of the Hot Brown …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QyVJ4i0tgs

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