What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?

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1What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
B. Free Franklin Post Office in Philadelphia – The B. Free Franklin Post Office & Museum is a colonial-themed post office located in Philadelphia’s historic Old City. It doesn’t fly a U.S. flag because one didn’t exist in 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed postmaster general.

2What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
Ben Franklin’s Post Office in Philadelphia. Started before we were the United States so no flag was available, unless it was British.

3What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
It is the only post office that doesn’t fly a U.S. flag — because the area pre-dates the Revolution. Why visit: Last year the U.S. Postal Service was considering whether to close this site, but …

4What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
A new law co-sponsored by U.S. Sen. Jack Reed will require the adjacent display of the POW/MIA flag whenever an American flag flies from a U.S … post office building. Other … to fly the flag …

5National Postal Museum

Free Franklin Post Office & Museum is the only Colonial-themed post office operated by the United States Postal Service. It is a living portrayal of a bygone Colonial lifestyle, and it is the only active post office in the United States that does not fly the American flag (because there was not yet one in 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed Postmaster General).

6What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
The POW/MIA flag is generally not included in a color guard. If it is flown next to the U.S. flag (i.e. on a separate pole), it should be on the U.S. flag’s direct left. The POW/MIA flag should be …

7What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
The Ben Franklin post office remains the only one in the country that doesn’t fly a U.S. flag. That’s because there wasn’t a U.S. flag in 1775, when Franklin founded what has evolved into today’s …

8What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
Effective November 7, 2019, an amendment to 36 U.S.C. § 902 requires Post Offices to fly the Prisoner of War (POW)-Missing In Action (MIA) flag on the same days that the United States flag is flown. Although the statute states that “Post Offices” must fly the POW-MIA flag, the Postal Service™ has historically interpreted this statute to extend to postal facilities.

9What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
Prominent federal buildings and national war memorials will now fly the iconic POW/MIA flag alongside the American flag throughout the year thanks to legislation signed into law Thursday.

10What U.S. post office doesn’t fly the American flag?
The POW-MIA flag must fly below the U.S. flag. The U.S. flag must be flown at half-staff from sunrise — or the hour when it’s raised — until noon. Then, hoist the flag to the peak of the staff, where it either must fly until the time of closing or no later than sunset (unless the flag is lighted). Facilities that fly the flag at all times …

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