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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • Hoffa was born in Brazil, Indiana, on February 14, 1913, to John and Viola (née Riddle) Hoffa. His father, who was of German descent (now referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry), died in 1920 from lung disease when Hoffa was seven years old. His mother was of Irish ancestry.
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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • But to understand why the Mafia killed him and why he was such a force in American life, you have to go back to the very beginning of Jimmy Hoffa’s career. Labor Battles From An Early Age. Jimmy Hoffa — born in Brazil, Indiana on Feb. 14, 1913 — was a labor warrior from a young age.
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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • (7) A strand of hair was found in the car where Hoffa was last claimed to be sitting in. As DNA tests did not exist at that time, the cops couldn’t say for sure if that hair strand belonged to Jimmy Hoffa or not. (8) The hair strand was finally tested to be Hoffa’s when DNA tests were done years after the man went missing.
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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • On the morning of this day in 1975, James Riddle Hoffa, one of the most influential American labor leaders of the 20th century, is officially reported missing after he failed to return home the previous night. Though he is popularly believed to have been the victim of a Mafia hit, conclusive
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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • Jimmy Hoffa served as president of the powerful Teamsters Union from 1957 until his imprisonment for conspiracy and fraud in the late 1960s. He went missing in July 1975 and was declared legally dead seven years later.
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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • On June 17, 2013, investigators began searching an empty field in Oakland Township, Mich., for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. Pictures from the latest search for Hoffa follow, but in the last 38 years since his disappearance, rumors and tips have led to multiple investigations and dig sites with no success.
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  • what year did hoffa go missing
  • Born in 1913, Jimmy Hoffa’s family moved to Detroit when he was young and he would call the area home for the rest of his life. Hoffa’s union organizing began when he was a teenager working at a Kroger grocery store warehouse, where the substandard wages, abusive supervisors, and lack of job security inspired animosity from the employees.
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  • what year did hoffa go missing
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  • https://www.answers.com/Q/How_many_years_has_Alison_been_missing_and_dead_from_Pretty_Little_Liars

  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • Note: This story was originally published July 30, 2015, the 40th anniversary of Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance. Forty years ago today, former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa called his wife, Josephine, from a pay phone in Bloomfield Township to say he had been stood up at an afternoon meeting with two mobsters.
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  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • Local and federal investigators continued to search for the remains of late Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa Monday in an enduring disappearance case shrouded in mystery for nearly 40 years. An attorney for a former mob underboss, who alerted authorities to the possible grave of Hoffa in Oakland
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