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1.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

When the Past was Around Walkthrough Insert the key into the box. It will open, install the owl. Go to the shelf with books and click on them to make them all fall.

2.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

When The Past Was Around Walkthrough (100% Achievements) When The Past Was Around is simple and lovely game. This guide will help you to solved all puzzle of the game and additionally you`ll receive all possible achievements.

3.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

This is a Video Guide for When The Past Was Around. Press CTRL + D to BOOKMARK so you can check back for Updates ! 👍 When The Past Was Around Full Complete Gameplay Walkthrough Guide

4.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

When The Past Was Around Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game. When The Past Was Around Walkthrough Solution Puzzle Game Full Game When The Past W…

5.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

Welcome to the fourth and final part of this gameplay walkthrough of When The Past Was Around with your buddy Dan. In this episode, we finally get to witness…

6.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

When the Past was Around Walkthrough On Sep 29, 2020 10:05 am, by admin Read Full Walkthrough When the Past was Around. The game tells a bittersweet tale between a girl and her lover in a surreal world consisting of disjointed rooms…

7.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

The Walkthrough King. Back to Game List; When the Past Was Around. Year: 2020. Genre: Fantasy. Links: Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers . Coming Soon. This walkthrough is planned for a future date. Please check back again for updates.

8.When The Past Was Around Walkthrough

🦄 🧙👽 Welcome Cyberspace Gamer! 🤖 🧞‍♀️ 🚀 This is a Video Guide for When The Past Was Around. Press CTRL + D to BOOKMARK so you can check back for Updates! 👍 When The Past Was Around Full Complete Gameplay Walkthrough Guide 🎮 Check out more CSG Video Game Articles Here! 🎮

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1.Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Walkthrough

This Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt walkthrough will explain all the choices … Beware of any turrets and mines scattered around the field. Now you have to deactivate these farm’s security if you …

Published Date: 2020-12-15T17:11:00.0000000Z

2.Demon’s Souls Remake – The Tunnel City Walkthrough

Archstone of the Armor Spider Demon. Below the smithing grounds of Stonefang, the Tunnel City is a system of pathways that gave the city its name. Legend has it that deep inside, beyond the molten swamps, is a grave for dragons. Time for the second area of Stonefang Tunnel! I’m excited to be here with you guys! Ok, note there are a LOT of Crystal Lizards in this area. A ton. It makes this area really profitable, which is great, but there sure are a ton of tunnels here which makes getting around a pain. Love and hate in this level. Speaking of Crystal Lizards, there’s one right at the start, just past a miner. Try to flip him with magic and then kill him if you can before he runs into the tunnel on the right (use small direct weapons, as any large weapons don’t do good in the tunnel). He drops some Clearstone Shard x2 and some Large Hardstone Shard x2. UPGRADE ITEM CENTRAL There are a LOT of Crystal Lizards in this level. So many that we’re not going to list what they drop (plus, what the drop is random. For the most part, you are getting Sharpstone, Hardstone and Clearstone Shards and Chunks here. There are Large stones as well. Plus, a lot of the enemies here drop other stones. The Stone Worms drop Greystones and the Bugbears drop Dragon Stones. This level really is all about items. Remember these lizards respawn so you can really rack up the items here. Kill the nearby miners now but be careful of the mining cart here as it will EXPLODE when you get near. Oof, I learned that the hard way. Now, which way to go? Left or right? We’re going to have both paths written down. They both are completely different but they both lead you to the boss. The path on the left is the longest one but it’s full of loot, while the path on the right takes you to the boss in just a couple of minutes, but there’s barely any loot and it’s very easy to die. Below will be links to both sections so click whichever one you need help with. As you go left, be ready for another exploding mining cart coming down the tracks. You can retreat easily enough. You can also just sprint past them. My first play through there was two, but there’s usually three here. Continue down the uneventful tunnel now and in the big room be ready for a Fat Official in the corner. Kill him off however you normally do and check the room for a corpse on some railings for some Augite of Guidance. We have more choice from here. This big room has an elevator that goes down (use the handle of the elevator, not the one by it). This… leads to some serious treasure. Before you go down, read ahead. So, these Red Phantoms are guarding this stage’s biggest treasure, but we have to fight them first. They are really “Bonk” fighters: big shields, big clubs. They’ll do big damage if they catch you, so be sure to get behind them and dodge well. If you have ranged attacks you can attack one as they approach, but you’ll likely have to fight at some point. Still, try to take one out quickly to make this a better fight. You can also try to lure just one and use the platform to go back up. This lets you fight them one on one and who knows, maybe the one left behind falls into the pit where the elevator sets. Now, down this tunnel is a Crystal Lizard but he’ll often drop in the pit ahead. This pit… this pit has half a dozen Crystal Lizards in it. The best thing to do here is an AoE magic spell. Something like Firestorm. You can kind-of kill the Lizard on the left slope with a Thief Ring and then go crazy on the rest. The most I’ve done without advanced magics here is four Crystal Lizard deaths. Remember, these guys respawn if you die in this level (which is very, very possible), so you can really rack up items here. Be sure to go up the slope on the left side as you come in and you’ll find a corpse with Pure Sharpstone and Pure Hardstone, much better than the drops (but more limited). This is a heck of a level and a heck of a haul due to this area alone. Go back to the elevator now and go down the other tunnel. The path splits but left is death (where the 3 glowing orbs are), so go right but at the end watch the corner due to one of those sparkle death balls floating nearby (roll past it). This path ends up leading down to a FOG DOOR. We are actually going to backtrack a bit, so don’t bother going through this door. For now, head back to the elevator and go up. We’re going to take the other tunnel up where the Fat Official was (not back towards the entrance). Let’s go down the nearby tunnel now (break the stone and kill anyone in the way). This tunnel actually leads out to quite a sight: a huge lake of lava. Yeah… Head back now and see that item on the corpse ahead. It is an Unknown Hero Soul, but once you grab it a Stone Worm will erupt from behind you. These worms are interesting and you’ve seen their shells. They will do a writhing melee move if you’re near them, but they usually just spit up lava at you. They barely spit it up too, which is… weird, so at range they aren’t a threat at all. Magic to the head does wonders, as well as arrows, but honestly just melee them in hit and run attacks. To the right is a second Stone Worm. Be ready for him and head down this right path to find a corpse with some Large Sharpstone Shard x2 and a Clearstone Shard. Now… to get every item in this stage we have to play the dropping game. The dropping game sucks. From the wooden beams, look down. There’s a lot of small platforms here to drop down to and one false move is death. If you’re playing online, there’s likely a lot of messages and blood to help you out. OK, so we want to drop near where the wooden platform starts on the right. This first drop is easy: we roll to the platform below. Do so and you can claim the Greystone Shard x2 here (the Stone Worms drop this a ton). Look down now and find the next platform now. I recommend dropping down to this one (don’t roll) to avoid bouncing off the wall. You get a Greystone Chunk on this corpse. Next, you want to turn around and drop down to the next platform (I rolled at an angle, personally). This corpse actually has a Great Axe on it. Nothing like a new weapon! From here we can drop down to the “main area” below. If you drop down and go look at the tunnel (the one into the wall), you will note that it leads back to the area we explored earlier (and leads back to the elevator eventually). Just to be clear on where we’re at. I’ll be referencing this tunnel to get our bearings. To the right you can find a new enemy: the BEARBUG. These things come in like four different forms in this level. These are the small wingless ones, which will either jump at you or try to stick a needle in you. Just don’t hang out right next to them. You can melee them down fairly easily. Head back now and let’s explore left of the tunnel. You will most likely see someone here waving at you… PATCHES THE HYENA Patches has made an appearance in every single Souls-type game from FromSoftware except for Sekiro (yes, even in Bloodborne) and if you’ve played them then you know him. Patches is a character that cannot be trusted. He will not necessarily attack you or be hostile, but he’ll often do things to put you in serious trouble and you’ll most likely get killed once you do. After you speak to Patches he’ll head back to the Nexus where he’ll set up shop. There are 2 worlds where you can find Patches: Shrine of Storms – The Ritual Path Stonefang Tunnel – The Tunnel City (this place) If you find Patches in one world then you won’t find it in the other. BUT there have been rare cases where you won’t find him in the first place you visit, which means you’ll need to go to the second place to find him. Before you talk to him (if he’s here), you should note a corpse past some rocks to the left of the entrance. Over there has some Greystone Shard x2, but a Rock Worm appears when you loot this so retreat fast and take it out. Go talk to Patches now (again, if he’s here) and he’ll tell you you can take the item behind him. STOP. This is a trap! Look above to see a Big Bugbear that seems like its stuck. Go around and back up and kill it. Just like before, it’ll take a while, but you have all the time in the world as it’s stuck and it won’t attack you. Also remember that it explodes once you kill it so be careful. Now, go up the wooden ramp that was behind the Big Bugbear and let’s loot this upper area. To the left is a corpse with an Unknown Hero Soul. Head back and go to the right at the top of the slope to find some Sharpstone Chunk at a dead end. Head back down now and near the start of this ramp (near some more mining gear) you can find another corpse with a Flame Resistance Ring. This is fantastic but if you did all the first levels you likely have two of these now. Better safe than sorry! There’s a lot of paths here, but for now return to where Patches might be (where the Big Bugbear could’ve been) and grab the item behind it for a Club. Head further down the dirt path now and you’ll meet the Bugbear with wings. This is another version of the Bugbear. They can fly around and try to prick you with their needle. Some of them later on fly way more, but these seem to not really fly around, so just do an attack on them and back off (that makes it easy). Further down the dirt path you’ll see tons of shells from Rock Worms. Don’t be fooled: there are three live ones here as well, so be ready to take them out (they all cluster together too… magic to the head is very handy here). Past them on a wooden platform is a Hardstone Chunk as well. Now, there is a Crystal Lizard nearby so let’s be careful here. He is down the slope from where the Rock Worms were. For now, retrace your steps backwards and go on the other wooden path to find a Renowned Hero Soul. You surely saw the giant Bugbear as well, so you can take him out to find a Dragonstone Shard behind him. Using the wooden path nearby you can actually get above the Crystal Lizard if you wanted. He’s hard to lock onto from here though, but you can drop down below it and chase it up the slope (if you killed the Rock Worms). Now… there’s two more items here we can get but they are trickier. They are above the merchant in this area, who is down the slope from where the Rock Worms were. Go check him out for reference. You’ll see the items in question. To get them you can get back up on the wooden platform and find a place to drop off onto the ground below (there’s a few places to do it). You can go out and get a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes this way. The other one you need to drop down to past the merchant, and this one gives you the Shade Heater Shield +2. OK, let’s continue. Go down the slope and note that a TON of Winged Bearbugs fly up to meet you. These guys aren’t worth fighting, especially if you’re melee. If you’re ranged you can take them out much easier, but beware their needles can reach through the fence (which often stops your weapon of course). Past that annoyance you will find yet another path split. This is just… these tunnels do intersect, but for the sake of exploration just stick with us. This one has 2 paths (left and right) but you’ll also see a little glowing orb in front of you. Use this as reference. To the right is another Large Bugbear. No way around this: we need to take him out. Do so however you can (Poison Cloud and melee for me). He gets stuck at the entrance to this tunnel so use that to your advantage. Behind him you can find a corpse with a Clearstone Chunk. Nice. Continue up ahead and now this path leads to a FOUR WAY SPLIT (counting where we came from). Straight down you have a LAVA LAKE. We’ll explore this area in a bit. You can, however, kill two Big Bugbear enemies from this tunnel as they get stuck here if you want (they are worth quite a few souls). You can get the Renowned Hero Soul from the right side, but we’ll explore the rest of the lava lake in a bit. The final path of this four-way split leads UP. That is our path out of here. For now, keep it in mind. You can go look at it if you want. It leads to a PIT that goes down. Note the Crystal Lizard on a platform here. We’re not done exploring though, so head back to the last “left/right” path (where the glowing orb was floating on top) and let’s go “left” now. This left path has an open(ish) area with a lot of shells. There’s a corpse in the back with some Augite of Guidance x5 as well. This path leads upwards where we’ll have to drop down. Go ahead and do so. You’ll need to go left. Going right takes you back to that left/right path we just took where the glowing orb is (it’ll explode if you get too close). As you go down the path, look to the left when you reach the only torch on the wall for a dead end. There’s a Dragon Long Sword +1 which seems like a fine find to me. Continue along the tunnel and it’ll lead back down to the Lava Lake, with a Big Bugbear nearby (and two flying ones). Go ahead and kill them all. You can use the same door trick as last time. The big secret about the lake here is that on the right side (as you enter) you can hug the wall and move across it. These all have high fire defense, which is great for this area. If your equip load isn’t high and you want some decent fire resistance, I would recommend the “Official’s Shirt” paired with the Burrower armband/boots. Pop on a Fire Ring and add that shield from earlier and you’ll be pretty good (which you’ll appreciate later for the boss of this area). Keep following the wall path to find a tunnel in the middle that leads up to an Unknown Hero Soul (you saw this earlier no doubt). Now… we have to talk about the Lava Stream. There are three items in here you can grab, but messing with lava is no joke. It’s possible you can do this, but if not come back later. To get them, we highly recommend you are human for the health bonus. Then you can put on a fire ring and the health ring to help out. You’ll want good fire defense gear as well. To add onto that, you can use the “Bearbug Grains” for Fire Resistance. You can also use the spell Water Veil to give yourself more fire resistance. It’s OK to come back for these once you’re better prepared if needed. Also, make sure you can pick up items without having to send things to storage. That can literally kill you here, as we want to minimize standing on the lava. Our strategy is to reduce the pain, and the tips up above should do this for you. One item is straight out from the tunnel we entered this area from, the other two are in the middle near some islands which you can roll to and heal up from there before grabbing the items. OK, to get out of here we need to head to that four way split. To get there you can follow the wall as we entered this lava lake room all the way to the right (past the first entrance tunnel) and you’ll reach the right-most tunnel with the four way split. From how we’re coming in, the tunnel on the left is where the Crystal Lizards were so head right. This leads to a long pathway but goes to the PIT. The pit… well, it’s another dropping challenge. Or it would be, but we’re near the bottom. There’s another way to get here from the start of the stage, but we’ll cover that in a bit. Before you drop down, if you have a bow you can totally snipe the Crystal Lizard from up here. For now note you can drop down and fight three Rock Worms. You should be able to get out of the dropping animation in time to avoid getting hit. Take them all out. From here, use the ladder and go up to where the Crystal Lizard is/was. There’s an Unknown Hero Soul. You can use another ladder here to go up again and then roll past a third ladder to a lower platform for another Unknown Hero Soul (going up leads to nothing). This area in front of the boss often has people’s summoning signs (as of release anyway), so use that if you need/want to. Makes the boss a ton easier. NOTE: Below will be the walkthrough FROM THE BEGINNING and we’ll be going over the “right” side from the split near the start of the stage, so if you want to read about the boss go ahead and click the link below. From the BEGINNING of the level, you want to take the right path. This path leads straight to the boss arena. More or less functions as a shortcut. Once you take out the workers, you’ll see a PIT. This is dangerous, but we can fall down it. You want to go to the right side of it and break the junk here. We’ll be dropping down from this side. Now, there’s two things to do here but for this we need to go through this pit descent twice. For the first run… nets you an item but it’s very easy to die. If you’re prepared, let’s do this. You can roll drop on to the only platform here and from here roll on to the back, the edge of the cliff. Once on the edge of the cliff move to the other side of it and look down for the item. Drop down to it to get Sharpstone Shard x4 and a Clearstone Shard. Now, how to get down from here? Well, the answer is easy, but it’s hard to do it. Look to the side of the platform and you’ll see a little beam sticking out and past it is another platform. You want to roll off this beam and onto the platform below. From here there are 2 very dangerous ways to get down. You can look once again to the end side of the platform for a beam sticking up. You can actually roll off this onto the platforms below, but there’s a chance for you “slipping” and falling. The other way is to roll across the pit and onto the beam sticking out of the other platform. I’ve tried both and they both work. Photo Mode is magic in this place. Now let’s talk about the other way of getting down this pit. Both of these ways eventually lead you to a cave halfway down the pit so we’ll connect them both here. From the right side get on the nearby platform and then on the step down nearby. You can drop down to the platform below you from here. From here, head to the back and drop down again. Keep looking down to see the closest platforms and across you’ll see an item on a beam. Drop down to the side for a Plague Resistance Ring. Another ring, can’t complain. Coming up there’s two paths we can take. One is to drop on some small beams to a corpse while the other (on the other side) is more traditional. And of course that corpse has an item. It is easy to fall from these beams so this may take a try or two, but you can get a Storied Warriors Soul if you manage it. Also, unless you fall, you can move over to the land on the other side over here for two Crystal Lizards. This is a dead end, so they are easy to kill and should net some good items. Leaving this dead end tunnel go left and under the wooden beams. From this platform you can drop down and the next platforms are very easy to follow. You’ll eventually reach a side of tunnel. This is where we come from if we were to take the “left” side at the entrance of the stage. If this is your first time playing through this then you can see a Crystal Lizard on a platform over here. You can easily kill it with arrows. For now note you can drop down and fight three Rock Worms. You should be able to get out of the dropping animation in time to avoid getting hit. Take them all out. From here, use the ladder and go up to where the Crystal Lizard is/was. There’s an Unknown Hero Soul. You can use another ladder here to go up again and then roll past a third ladder to a lower platform for another Unknown Hero Soul (going up leads to nothing). This area in front of the boss often has people’s summoning signs (as of release anyway), so use that if you need/want to. Makes the boss a ton easier. This boss can be a tough matchup. Of course, if you’re following this guide that means you have a leg up here, as you’ve found some good fire resistance gear (and some good fire shields as well). Of course, you may need to level up to wear them! Still, this is a fun fight. Let’s point some things out here first though: it is always best to keep the Flamelurker in front of you. He loves to either approach you to either punch you or slam his fist down in an area attack. It’s like he trots over to you when he does this. He’ll either do that or just straight-up jump at you to do a slam attack. That is pretty much all Flamelurker does. Punches and slams. His punches are either uppercuts or side swings, and he can use either hand to do these (although he does seem to prefer uppercuts with his left arm). His slams have area-of-effect fire pools as well, which may catch you on fire when you get hit. Speaking of fire (smooth transitions…), the Flamelurker can set you alight fairly easily. He is literally spouting fire. If you can swing it, the Water Veil spell is of course great here. You could also use fire resistance items if you wanted. You should note the floor is also on fire in certain spots and can also set you on fire. Depending on your equipment, you may also consider putting on a Regenerator Ring or the Adjudicator’s Shield to help with the fire with the HP Regen effect. The idea to this fight is to stay closer to Flamelurker. If he trots out to punch you, retreat a bit and look for his slam attack, then go in for a couple hits and repeat. If he jumps at you, you can run and dodge under him and get in a couple hits on his back. That’s the general melee strategy. Ideally you want a magic weapon of some sort (the Crescent Falchion works well enough… you could also enchant other weapons if you wanted). If you have magic, it helps a ton of course. If you have Poison Cloud with you, try to put it on him (he’s susceptible to it). I would recommend using magic and then saving it for when he’s closer to death (melee the first half of his health for the most part). This is because as he gets lower on health, he gets more aggressive (and his flames burn brighter, so we’re sure he’s doing more damage as well). You should use your magic then if you can. I will say… I distinctly remember being able to cheese this boss back in the day using the stairs in the back. This was a boss you could kill with arrows if you wanted. He can follow you up the stairs now though, but I’ve still seen people cheese him by making him go up the stairs, dodging past him, going down the stairs and immediately taking a sharp left or right. This gets him hung up on the banisters and… making him walk back to his starting position. So yeah, cheese is still possible here, but it takes a bit more doing. It’s better (and more satisfying) to take him out honestly of course. Or worse comes to worse, this boss in particular is really much easier with a partner, so you could always regain your soul and summon someone (there’s always people online here it seems…. of course this game is still new). And that’s the Flamelurker! With this knowledge in hand, you stand a great shot at taking him out (even if it takes a few tries, which is 100% OK… and may give you more chances to get those items in the stage from earlier). Flamelurker’s Trophy: Slayer of Demon “Flamelurker”.

Published Date: 2020-12-05T17:05:00.0000000Z

3.Cyberpunk 2077 The Nomad Lifepath Walkthrough

This guide for Cyberpunk 2077 is a walkthrough for The Nomad lifepath Prologue. We’ll outline all the details, including all collectibles found in this

Published Date: 2020-12-10T16:32:00.0000000Z

4.‘We are out of the car’: South Camden residents take notice of new police walkthrough strategy

In early spring, Camden police officers began walking around the Waterfront section of … say they’ve noticed the difference. For the past four years, Charles Brown has lived off of Broadway …

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5.Demon’s Souls walkthrough: How to complete Demon’s Souls step-by-step and master Boletaria

Any kind of Demon’s Souls PS5 walkthrough is going to … water on the left and continue wrapping around, clockwise. If done correctly, you’ll go past the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom.

Published Date: 2020-11-14T23:30:00.0000000Z

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1  When The Past Was Around Full Playthrough / Longplay / Walkthrough (no commentary)
Full playthrough of When The Past Was Around, recorded by Gryvix, published 21 September 2020. Wishlist and buy it on (Release on 22 september 2020) When The Past Was Around is longplay No. 628 of the Ludophiles longplays project: – …
Watch Video:

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1.Locations of Half-Life

"Half-Life 2 Walkthrough: Highway 17". Planet Half-Life. IGN. Archived from the original on 2012-11-13. Retrieved 2008-08-03. "Half-Life 2 Walkthrough: Sandtraps"…

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between the second and third seasons of the show. The story features three plotlines that overlap around a character from Jack Bauer’s past named Peter…

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